Monthly Archives: July 2008

Ron’s Fishing Tips and Stories: How This Fishing Guide Almost Swam With the Fishes (Part 1)

International Adventures This week I am going to tell you a story about a near fatal airplane accident in the mountains of Mexico. In 1972 I had just quit my job as athletic director & head football coach at Hemphill, Texas High School. I had moved to Dallas to start my Mexico fishing business.

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Ron’s Fishing Tips and Stories: How Lake El Salto Became Great

International Adventures This week let’s talk about the most celebrated and famous black bass lake of all time: Lake El Salto! How did this small 12,000 acre lake get so popular and why does it produce so many huge bass? How did this happen? Why did other Mexican lakes (other than Comedero) not come even close to all the publicity and all the big bass?

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