Spring 2021 Brazil & Mexico Update

[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed Jr.]


Christ Houston landed this hawg at Comedero in 2015

Before I get to the Brazil and Mexico fishing updates, there is something MORE IMPORTANT to share with you. Our dear friend, Chris Houston, loving wife of TV fishing legend and pro angler Jimmy Houston, suffered a brain aneurysm on Monday, April 5th…which led to a massive stroke. Chris has been receiving around-the-clock medical care at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Jimmy and his family have remained by her side day and night. Please, I ask you prayer warriors to add and keep Chris, Jimmy, daughter Sherri and son Jamie in your prayers. Chris is one of the kindest and sweetest women you would ever know. I’ve been close with the Houston Family for over 30 years. They are as good as gold and strong in their faith with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless the Houston Family.

Chris, Jimmy, Sherrie, and Jamie


Richard Carlie with one of the many 6 pounders he landed at Picachos!!

I won’t spend too much time talking about how great this lake (Picachos) is because you’ve read it over and over and over again. I will, however, share testimonials from customers and groups as they share with me. The following testimonial was sent to me by one of our longtime dear friends and customers, Richard Carlile. I started in this business in 1987, one year before we opened our camp/fishing operation on Lake Comedero. In the first year or two after opening at Comedero, Richard decided to give us and Comedero a try. It would not be his last trip at Comedero and here 32 years later, Richard and his friends are still fishing with us in Mexico! I suppose we must be doing some things right? Richard and his friends just returned from Lake Picachos where they claimed to have a fantastic experience…that includes lodging, meals, guides, boats and just the overall service and not just the catching. Please take a minute to read Richard’s story regarding his last morning of fishing with partner Mark Miller. Another memorable lifetime experience! Picachos continues producing such experiences!

Mark Miller showing off one of the many 6 pounders he and Richard Carlile landed the last morning on Picachos

“First off, our trip was great, the new improvements to the lodge are fantastic! Food and service was wonderful. But one morning of fishing with myself and Mark Miller was something crazy. Starting off, we asked our guide to skip the numbers kind of thing and go after grandes…big bass! About 8 o’clock we pulled up to a flat That I think was about 30 feet deep. Mark had this jumbo deep crank bait. One! I have my normal deep crank baits but nothing like this Gargantuan green tennis ball sized bait of his. He cranked it down as hard as he could and then wham! A 5 pounder! Couple of casts later a six pounder! Two or three casts later another five, another six! I’m over there with a normal size crank bait running down 15 feet and pretty much getting nothing. Mark probably caught 15 before he hung the bait and lost it. We tried other things, slow rolling a spinner bait, adding an ounce more weight to it. But it just wasn’t working. So we decided to try somewhere else. We ran up the lake to a new spot and our Guide told us “Plastico”. We made several casts into the area where he pointed and got nothing. We were about to leave to go to another spot when a few really nice size fish broke the top chasing some shad. I grabbed a medium running pearl colored crank bait and we laced about 40 up. All between 3 and 5 pounds! Really beautiful fish! When it slowed down we went to another spot and when we got there there were two guys in a boat paddling and fishing. We noticed he was throwing one of those god-awful huge crank baits like Mark lost that morning. So we asked our Guide to go over there and let us visit with him. Long story short is we offered to buy his bait! He offered it for $10 and Mark couldn’t get his wallet out quick enough! He smiled as he traded the bait for the $10 bill from Mark and reached down and picked up two more off the floor of that little paddle boat. So quickly I asked him what he would take for the other two. He said he couldn’t sell those because he was still fishing. Again long story short, he and I settled on $20 apiece for those! Little did he know that I would have paid him 100 apiece easily! Anyway so back to the morning spot we went. First cast we lost one of those baits! But for the next 20 minutes or so it was wild and crazy again with five and six pounders. We got to where we quit taking pictures as it was getting close to noon and we didn’t want to miss any casts! Mark then lost his bait to a stump and I didn’t want him to feel left out like I did earlier so we quit. When we got to the camp our Guide told us we had 84 total bass that morning. We believe we had about 20 over 6, another 20 over 5, the remainder being between three and five pounds. We had no small fish! This was from 2 spots of about a 50 yds square. There really has to be an unbelievable amount of those size fish in those kind of places on that lake. They may not always be easy to find but getting into them sure can be memorable and make for a lifetime experience! Thank you again Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures for allowing us wannabes to have these kind of experiences!” – Richard Carlile

Tanner Dewey is proud of his 2 for one catch on Picachos and Dad Steve is all smiles because his is bigger!!

Folks, you cannot imagine how many stories like this one we receive almost weekly from returning happy customers! The lake is amazing and it just seems to be getting better and better each year…particularly with the size quality. These lakes don’t last forever and as they age, they start to cycle. Right now Picachos is still fishing like a NEW LAKE! Don’t look back and say “I wish I had fished the lake when it was new or great”….the opportunity is still available.

Mike Gable with his Picachos Hawg!

Lake Picachos is for every type of angler…rookie, novice, semi-experienced and even the most seasoned angler. That said, I cannot think of a lake in my lifetime next to Lake Guerrero in the early to mid-70’s that offers more to the young angler. If you want your kids or grandkids to learn how to bass fish and fall in love with bass fishing, LAKE PICACHOS IS YOUR LAKE! When I was a young boy and my father was still coaching high school football at Hemphill High School, my father would take my brother and I fishing on Toledo Bend Reservoir. The lake was new and a good day between the three of us was about 25 – 30 bass…but my father caught the majority. I didn’t know how to fish a worm or Texas rigged plastic. I was trying but just couldn’t get the hang of it. Then in 1974 my father took our entire family to his still under construction El Sargento Lodge on Lake Guerrero. While my brother and I enjoyed catching over 100 bass per day on that Lucky 13 topwater lure, my father made us spend an entire two days fishing nothing but a Creme Worm. I hated it…well, for the first 30 minutes…but that’s about all it took me to finally grasp the concept of fishing a worm for bass. The reason I learned so quickly that first worm fishing day on Guerrero is “trial and error”….one must have many opportunities to learn from mistakes when learning how to fish a certain type of lure or pattern. Well, my brother and I certainly had many opportunities on Guerrero in the 70’s to learn how to fish any lure made in the tackle industry! Lake Picachos offers the same opportunities….and not to mention, it’s a barrel of fun! Two bird with one stone!

Jena and Lane Gregory (daughter and son of our friend Laci Gregory) enjoy the boat ride at Picachos!

So with that, let me announce that we will not be closing our camps this summer on Lakes Picachos and El Salto! Last year our season was interrupted in March (2020) due to Covid and the non-essential travel restrictions. However, we reopened the two camps on July 1st and they’ve been opened since. The fishing was absolutely fantastic during the summer-monsoon months…and maybe even better than in the “normal” season. I will tell you “most” days, the heavy monsoon rains don’t start up until late afternoon in the mountains. Fishing most of the day is under sunshine or just partly cloudy. The storms build all afternoon and then hit between 4 – 6 pm…and most of the time last 1 – 2 hours. The storms return late in the night and are finished before first light to go out fishing the next morning. It doesn’t get dark that time of year until around 8:30 – 8:45 pm…so most days when the storms hit late afternoon, we come in and take a 1 – 2 hour break (from the lightning), then head back out for another 1 – 2 hours of fishing. Therefore on “most” days, we’re still able to get 8 – 10 hours of fishing. If you want to get your kids in on the best bass fishing in the world while they’re out of school, we’ll be open…at BOTH LAKES! Remember our 2 for 1 special on family members!

A view from the top of the stairs of our beautiful lodge at Picachos


Chase Ammirata landed this 12+ pounds fish of a lifetime in March at lake El Salto!!!

Well, since our last update in February, not much has changed at Lake El Salto…and that’s a very good thing! As mentioned in my last update, the fishing at El Salto is the best I’ve seen in years. More and more of those bigger bass showing up again with a lot of bass landed in the 6 – 8 lbs class. That said, last month (March) we had a young man by the name of Chase Ammirata land a giant 12 lbs hog! The bass wasn’t your normal short and fat type of Hybrid-Florida strain. No, this fish was exceptionally long (30″)! Chase landed this giant in less than 10′ of water on a watermelon colored Zoom Magnum Lizard (8″). We’ve seen more and more big bass landed more shallow this season than in the previous 7 or 8 years! One group caught almost all of their big bass (7 lbs and larger) on Whopper Plopper topwater lures…and they had a couple over 10 lbs!

Larry Ward tricked this 8 pound beauty into biting on a recent trip to El Salto!!

We’re now able to accommodate and fish up to 24 people at the camp! We renovated some of the houses/rooms we have not used in years and now they’re in great shape and ready to go! All rooms have tv’s for your viewing pleasure. We plan to add some entertainment games such as horseshoe pits and cornhole boards. Some of you have mentioned this in the past and we’re finally going to offer such. They should be in place and ready to go in early to mid-May. Those of you who have been to our El Salto camp know that we offer an outside bar under the big “Capuli” tree with big screen tv so you can watch your favorite sports team or movies.

Not to be outdone, Evelyn Ward shows Larry she can catch the big ones too!

Currently the lake is low but so are “most” of the lakes in Sinaloa and in western Mexico. For some lakes that may be a problem but for El Salto that can be a very good thing…especially after the nets come out of the lake. The official date that all nets have to be out of El Salto is May 1st. Now don’t hold our feet to the fire on that exact date as I have seen in “some” years where they left the nets in the lake a few days and even up to one week after May 1st. However, I’ve never seen them in the lake after the first week of May. When the nets come out around the first of May, that fishing becomes lights out! Those bass know when the nets are in the lake as the commercial fishing season takes place during the main “dry season”…and during the dry season that water can be very clear most of the time. So the bass can see…and they know…and they “usually” hang out deeper when there are a lot of nets in the lake. You add low water and no nets on El Salto, and that equates to GREAT FISHING! Those bigger bass are much easier to isolate and pattern! Since we’re going to have BOTH operations on El Salto and Picachos open this summer, I honestly believe we’re going to have some great numbers of bass caught and bigguns too…especially bigguns at El Salto! Like with Picachos, we offer the 2 for 1 special for family members this summer! A great time for you to bring that someone special in your family or kids and grandkids…a great opportunity for them to catch that big bass of a lifetime!


Now this is a classic peacock bass topwat explosion!

That’s right, Folks! After being shut down in Brazil for over a year…which wiped out our Fall and Winter seasons on the Uatuma and Rio Negro rivers, it “appears” all signs are a GO starting this fall! According to reports from our folks in Manaus, Brazil, things are starting to open back up in Manaus and the Amazon. Flights from Miami appear to be ready to resume before or by the time we start our fishing season in September! Thank you, Lord! Since we missed all of this past season/year with the shut downs, there really isn’t much to report other than things are looking great to reopen and we’re VERY EXCITED! I know a lot of our customers are also excited as they had their trips cancelled and had to move to this coming season! As I receive more updated news, I will pass along but right now we’re taking reservations for this coming seasons (Sept/Oct in Uatuma and Jan – March in Rio Negro). You should also know that American Airlines are taking reservations for that direct non-stop flight from Miami to Manaus. Soooooo…GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!!

Long time friend Howard Hada with a huge peacock he caught on the Rio Negro back Jan 2020!!


Yes, you’ve probably read last year where we started offering you Lew’s Rods to use while at our fishing operations in Mexico! This has been a MAJOR hit with our customers the past year as we offer some of Lew’s top of the line fishing rods they offer! I strongly recommend that you visit their website and also find a Lew’s Dealer in your area to purchase their rods that fit your style! I only use Lew’s now and could not be happier! Get you some Lew’s Rods and you’ll be happy too! Visit their website here: www.lews.com


Our dear friend and promotional staff member Javier Rodriguez from Monterrey, recently visited our camp operations at Lakes El Salto and Picachos. These breathtaking photos include pics of the lodging, meals, scenic shots from the lake, etc. Get ready to get hungry when viewing the assortment of food pics…and yes, this is just a small amount of various food we serve in all of our lodges. Javier is very talented…a professional in all he does and especially with videos and photography! Here is a sample of his great work. Enjoy!

God Bless and Good Fishin’,
Ron Speed, Jr.
Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures

February 2021 Mexico Fishing Newsletter

[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed Jr.]


Staurt Hunter with his 11.4 lbs lunker he took from El Salto

Tired of Old Man Winter yet? If so, I know of a few lakes where it’s warm, sunny, beautiful scenery and thousands of bass waiting to attack your favorite lure! As I type this, I noticed the forecast for the next 10 days in Dallas, TX where the overnight low temperatures are predicted to reach 15 degrees and a windchill of 0…yes, ZERO! Instead of hermitizing yourself inside your house, just know that you’re a 2 1/2 hour plane flight from Dallas or Phoenix to warm sunny Mazatlan, Mexico! Sounds great…right?

Folks, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen fishing this GREAT on two of our lakes at the same time. Yes, we’ve had one lake red hot and the other two luke warm…but nothing like what we’re experiencing with El Salto and Picachos right now. It’s truly amazing!

Let’s start with El Salto…

Through tireless efforts by our Foundation members (The 4 operations on the lake), we’ve seen the amount of commercial fishing nets reduced over the past few months. For those of you that have fished El Salto in the past, the number of fish wasn’t really a problem nor was the fishing overall. Yes, some time periods were slow and even awful…but for the most part, the fishing met expectations. So the fishing wasn’t nearly as big of a problem as were the ridiculous amount of commercial fishing nets. For the past few months and hopefully for the foreseeable future, the number of nets are greatly reduced. Many times in the past I would hear back from customers telling me the fishing was fine but the lake was “no longer fun to fish”…because of so many nets. While there are still nets and always will be, at least for now there are not nearly as many…and it shows in the fishing. WOW…IT SHOWS!

A happy Lake El Salto client showing off his 8 lbs Hawg!!

What we’ve seen happening on El Salto right now is a significant increase in both numbers AND SIZE since last season! Many boats are catching over 100 bass per day (2 anglers) and even one boat of Bruce Carter & Steve Gyton landed 204 bass in one day with their biggest 6.9 lbs. That same day Andy Kovach & Keith Keitch landed 147 bass up to 7.1 lbs, Buddy & Jeff Wise caught 116 bass to 7.8 lbs and Cody Chilos & Monsey Woods landed 65 fish BUT they had a big bass of 8.86 lbs! That’s just ONE day in January. Shall we continue?

JW Peterson showing off one of his many El Salto toads

Jan 20th: Jeff Wise, while fishing alone that day, landed 56 bass up to 8.15 lbs on chrome Rat-L-Trap in 15 ft of water.

Jan 30th: J.W. Peterson & Stuart Hunter landed 105 bass up to 10.0 lbs on Tilapia colored Rat-L-Traps in 4 – 6 ft of water. Stuart landed the 10 lbs hawg!

Jan 31st: J.W. Peterson and Stuart Hunter landed 130 bass up to 11.4 lbs. Stuart once again landed that 11 lbs giant! They also landed big bass of 8.3, 8.2, 8.2, and 7.8 lbs! All big bass were caught on 1 oz white Oldham spinnerbait in 6 ft of water!

Feb 1st: J.W. Peterson & Stuart Hunter landed 99 bass up to 10.38 lbs (Yes, Stuart again landed the biggun). They also landed big bass of 8.6 and 8.34 lbs. Again, all on Oldham 1 oz white spinnerbait in 5 – 12 ft of water!

Feb 2nd: Jim Johnson & Bill Skinner landed 30 bass BUT…they also landed two giants of 11.8 and 10.8 lbs using Chart/White Oldham Spinnerbaits in 5 – 10 ft of water!!!

Feb 4th: Travis Moore & Bo Powell landed 90 bass up to 10.0 lbs on deep running crankbaits in 15 – 20 ft of water!

Feb 4th: Brandon Harris & Andy B caught 106 bass up to 8.8 lbs on watermelon/red Brush Hogs in 4 – 12 ft of water!

Bo Powell tricked this El Salto Trophy while fishing this January!!

There are numerous other outstanding catches/reports for the past few weeks that I did not list. However, you get the idea from this small sample of reporting. You can visit our Fishing Reports page for Lake El Salto on our website to see the other great catches!

Friends, this lake is fun to fish again and I strongly recommend you consider El Salto in the near future while it’s exploding with great NUMBERS AND SIZE! Due to the current great fishing, I’ve moved some extra Xpress Boats to El Salto and increased capacity to 24 anglers!  These lakes, like most lakes, recycle every 5 – 10 years and what we’re currently seeing at El Salto is one of those years it’s come back in a BIG WAY! Customers also love our beautiful lodge, great food, great service, BEST bass boats (Xpress) and the most experienced guides on the lake! Come experience it yourself. Lupe is happy and singing louder than ever! Fernando Jr (co-manager) is doing a great job and everyone loves him and Lupe!

Stewart with his 10.38 lbs monster caught Febuary 1st !!!


Todd Melson shows how to catch 2 big bass in one cast on a crankbait in his recent trip to Picachos.

Umm, where shall I begin? What should I say that I haven’t already said about this incredible fishery? Well, I am going to share with you what two of our wonderful customers David & Cindy Bednar recently wrote to me. However, before I share David & Cindy’s recent update, let me say that we’re seeing more and more BIG bass show up in Picachos even though the numbers have not declined. In fact, the numbers are higher than normal in the last month!

Here are a few “BIG FISH” reports from early January…

  • Jan 5th: David & Marty Laos landed 120 bass up to 10.0 lbs on Tilapia colored Rat-L-Traps in 20 ft of water!
  • Jan 6th: Kirk Reust & Jimmy Smith landed 260 bass up to 9.0 lbs on white Flukes in 20 ft of water!
  • Jan 6th: David & Marty Laos landed 201 bass up to 10.0 lbs on Baby Bass Flukes in 25 ft of water!

Rob Carter owner of Fishin’ World in Dallas landed 305 fish in one day and top 5 totaled 30 lbs.

I realize that’s just 3 big bass in two days of fishing on Picachos in January. However, it simply proves what I have been saying for a long time about there being BIG BASS in Picachos but the angler must commit to fishing deeper than the normal 0 – 15 feet of water. Those big bass will NOT stay too long in shallow water as they do NOT want to compete with the smaller and faster swimmers (bass) for food…not if they can find adequate food, water temp, oxygen and protection from fishing pressure (sport fishermen and commercial fishermen). If you noticed above with the 3 reports of big bass, look at the depth. As we get later into the season and the temperatures begin to rise, so does the water surface temps. By May those big bass are settling in on the annual summer pattern…and most BIG BASS will be anywhere from 20 feet to 35 feet on deep ledges and humps. However, despite being deeper, they’re easier to locate and isolate. This is what sonars are made for….yes? 😉

This lake never ceases to amaze customers…or me either. I’ve been working in this Mexico bass fishing business for 34 years now. I started fishing Mexico’s best bass lakes when I was 10 years old and learned everything about bass fishing AND these great Mexican bass lakes from my father…one of the Pioneers that started the full lodge/guided fishing in Mexico 51 years ago! I’ve been blessed to fish every great lake in Mexico and I can without hesitation tell you that I believe Picachos has the potential to be THE BEST BASS LAKE ever…not just Mexico but the best lake in the world! I do not stand alone with that opinion as I have many very loyal customers that have fished with me for 20 – 30 years that fish Picachos with us every year and tell me the same thing! It’s truly an amazing lake! The same I talk about being able to fish legendary Lake Guerrero when it first opened, I suspect many years from now there will be a lot of people that say the same thing about “Legendary Lake Picachos”….it’s on track to becoming the G.O.A.T.!!! Every year we entertain our good friends from Major League Fishing (M.L.F.) and that’s TWICE each season! Executive V.P. Don Rucks and his team always return from every trip saying “It just keeps getting better and better…every trip!” I agree with them! By the way, if you do not already watch their show…YOU MUST! The best fishing on cable tv…bar none! Don and his staff just returned from another outstanding fishing trip to Picachos and will return to Picachos in two more months! Again, they come TWICE each season…that’s how much they love Picachos!

Todd Melson with one of his 482 bass he caught in 4 days at Picachos.

Testimonial from David & Cindy Bednar (From Cindy) on their recent trip to Picachos…
David & Cindy fished 9 1/2 days at Picachos and landed 2,467 bass combined. That number could have been higher had they not returned to camp every day at 5 pm. Just too exhausted to fish that final 1 1/2 hours. NOTE: David & Cindy fish three times each season with RSJA and that’s approximately 21- 30 days of fishing with us each season. Normally they split the trip by fishing half of their days at El Salto and the other half at Picachos. However, this season they fished ALL days at Picachos. Their first trip this season was back in November. On that trip they broke their all time best catch (numbers) record with 282 bass in one day! This trip they broke their all time best THREE TIMES in the same trip! Take a look. 🙂

David Bednar with one of his many many many bass he and wife Cindy caught at Picachos!!

From Cindy…

“Wow! What an awesome trip we had! We went down this trip thinking there was no way we could ever beat our record from our November trip, and had decided we were not even going to try. We had made up our minds that we would just do some leisurely relaxed fishing and not even worry about that “clicker”…!!! However we still ended up breaking our records from last trip! Here are our numbers from the 9 1/2 days of fishing this trip…

Day 1: 160 Bass
Day 2: 167 Bass
Day 3: 250 Bass
Day 4: 255 Bass
Day 5: 292 Bass (Broke previous record of 282 bass in one day last November) Cindy’s comments about this day: “This broke our previous 1-day record set on our last trip! I would estimate at least half of these fish were 3+ pounds and more than a dozen were 4 pounds and bigger! We caught over 100 bass IN ONE HOUR alongside a creek bed in one of the arroyos close to San Marcos Creek, using Oldham spinnerbaits and also crankbaits. WOW…was that ever fun! We haven’t found a gang of fish like that for a while!
Day 6: 321 Bass (Broke previous day’s all time record)
Day 7: 250 Bass
Day 8: 158 Bass
Day 9: 460 Bass (Broke record again) Cindy’s comments: “WOW! Another personal record! The fish were turned on and jumping on our crankbaits almost every cast! It was a total blast!”
Day 10: 154 Bass only fished in the morning until lunch….yes, 154 bass landed by NOON!

Total Bass Landed in 9 1/2 days of fishing: 2,467 Total. Their daily average was 247 bass in that 9 1/2 days! Almost all bass were caught on Oldham spinnerbaits and Crankbaits!

Folks, it really doesn’t get much better than that as far as non-stop action for bass fishing! Those of you that have experienced Lake Picachos fishing, can relate. As great of a lake as it is for numbers and action, there are “some” big bass to be had while fishing Picachos. They’re in there for sure!


As I mentioned in my last update two weeks ago, the CDC is now requiring all air travelers coming back to the U.S. from Abroad, to present a “negative” SARS – CoV-2 test result. The test must be administered no more than 72 hours from departure day/time or leaving Mazatlan. To help make this as hassle-free for our valuable customers as possible, we are arranging for Lab Technicians from clinics in Mazatlan. to travel to our lakes/lodges and administer the test to our customers while they are in for lunch at midday. This mandatory test went into effect on January 26th. Thus far we haven’t had any problems with the testing and all appears to be working according to plan. I will say that I have learned that this test is being offered in the Mazatlan Airport but you must arrive AT LEAST 3 HOURS prior to departure in order to receive the test results in time. I do not recommend waiting until that final day and moments before departure. However, it is good to know there is another backup option at the airport.

Another Testimonial from Cindy Bednar regarding the “testing experience” for her and David while at our lodge on Picachos…

We left the USA to head down to Mexico on January 25th, a day before the CDC requirement on tests went into effect. We knew that RSJA would ensure that all was taken care of, so we did not hesitate to head down as planned. We did think it was very important to be certain we did not have COVID before we went down there – both for ourselves and more importantly, to protect the wonderful staff and other guests at the camp. Therefore we had a COVID test completed a couple of days before we headed down there.

You guys did an awesome job of setting up the process for us to be tested prior to our return flight home. Two days before our flight home, the lab technician was waiting for us in the dining room when we returned to camp for lunch. After he collected our sample, we sat and had a cold beer and lunch while we waited for the results…which only took about 15 minutes. He presented us with a report showing “Negativo” for both of us, which we presented at the Mazatlan Airport upon checking in. All went super smooth!

As I shared with you after our trip in November, I want to once again say how impressed we were with the procedures that the staff are following related to COVID-19 mitigation. The extra cleaning and sanitizing that’s happening and all of the staff are wearing masks.

Once again we have to say what an awesome job Jorge is doing as manager. He is an absolute GEM! All of the staff at the camp are outstanding. We appreciate them so much! Also, the camp is looking absolutely fabulous too!

Looking forward to our next trip in March…only 6 weeks from now!
God Bless,
Cindy & David

There you have it folks! So far, so good on the testing! It’s been smooth over at our El Salto lodge as well.

Let me remind everyone going to Mexico with us of what I suggested in my last update a couple of weeks ago. That is…we STRONGLY recommend getting tested for COVID PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP…and within 24 – 48 hours (max) of departure day. Why is that, you may ask? Well it’s pretty simple…and two very good reasons. 1) It is best to know if you have COVID prior to traveling and being around other people…especially large groups like we have a lot of the time in our lodges. This could prevent you from possibly spreading the virus to other guests at the lodge as well as staff members. 2) With the now mandatory “negative’ test result required in order to return back home in the U.S., it is almost imperative to get tested 1 or 2 days prior to traveling to Mexico…even if you don’t have symptoms, you could be asymptomatic but will still test “positive”…and if you test positive prior to going to Mexico, you will know to NOT get on that plane…cancel the trip and reschedule…because if you are positive and go to Mexico, you will most likely test positive down there in Mexico and have to wait an extended period before you’ll be allowed to board a plane and return home. So if you can test negative ONE DAY PRIOR to your trip, and we’re having you tested down there TWO DAYS PRIOR to returning home, that doesn’t give too much time to catch the virus and test positive in Mexico. Hopefully I explained that to where you understand. Basically I am saying there are TWO very good reasons to get tested 1 – 2 days prior to flying to Mexico for your trip. If you receive a positive test BEFORE your trip, do not worry. Yes you will have to postpone your scheduled trip but we will issue a FULL CREDIT to use for a future trip or when you reschedule.


If you read the entire update on both EL Salto and Picachos, you will have noticed many of those big fish landed at EL Salto were on Oldham Spinnerbaits! I prefer his 1 oz, chart/white color, with the double willow blades…big size #7 gold color on big blade! Big bass absolutely love it!!! You will also have noticed/read where David & Cindy Bednar absolutely tore them up at Picachos on Oldham spinner baits! The spinner bait pattern should stay great through April. However, when May rolls around, it’ll be big bass on deep ledges and that means …OLDHAM JIG BITE! The Oldham jig bite normally never goes away…but I absolutely love it when May arrives! Call Terry Oldham NOW before he heads to Mexico in a few weeks and delays in orders will happen. Cell: (512) 406-1588; or (800) 596-2436.

God Bless and Good Fishin’,
Ron Speed, Jr.
Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures