Fall 2020 Newsletter

[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed Jr.]


Yes that’s right, folks…Rainy season is ending, fall has arrived, which means it’s time to head south and catch a bass!!!

JW Peterson with just one of many Comedero monsters he has landed over the years.

Actually we have been open at El Salto and Picachos since July. The rainy season did not have an adverse effect on the fishing…if anything, it’s enhanced the bite! Over the past 3 months, we’ve had groups fish at El Salto and Picachos. Comedero is still catching rain/water higher in the mountains but barring a hurricane or tropical storm in the next 3 or 4 weeks, the rains at El Salto and Picachos are near the end. Picachos has been…well…it’s been Picachos. The lake produces non-stop action on a daily basis. The lake is near full and that seems to scatter the schools of BIG bass but in the not-so-distant future (November), those bigguns will begin to school up bigtime. The overall numbers per day, per boat continue to amaze and send anglers home ecstatic!!! El Salto is primed to have a great fishing season as the water level was at 71% on October 5th. I’ve always preferred these mountain lakes for BIG bass start the fall season with less than a “full lake” as it makes it easier to isolate those big schools of trophy bass. Even if the water level doesn’t rise again between now and November, the lake is in great shape. Some of our guides have been out recently to check the fishing and it’s been fantastic! That’s great considering September is NOT one of the better months to fish the lake considering the water surface temps from the summer rains are generally on the warm side and those bigger bass hanging out much deeper.

Lake Comedero on the rise

Comedero rains started later than El Salto and Picachos…and just a little over one month ago, Comedero water level was at 38%…but as of 3 days ago, it’s already come up to 52%. If you’ve fished that lake, you know that was A LOT of rain/water coming into the lake to bring it up that much as Comedero is twice the size and depth as El Salto and Picachos. As I stated, Comedero is still catching water as I type this update. I expect that lake to have a HUGE bounce back year (from last season) provided we do not receive all the unseasonably rainfall after November 1st as we did last year. Last year we had the flood of the century take place Thanksgiving Week (late Nov), again over New Years Eve and again late Jan/early Feb. First time I had witnessed that at Comedero for those times of year since the El Nino flood hit us in Jan/Feb 1992.

John Speed with a lake Comedero Giant!!!

Things are looking great for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Season! It’s time to make your reservations for the upcoming season!


Mel “Pappsy” Farley with a nice lake Picachos Large Mouth!!

I have stated many times in past updates how important I believe it is for parents to take their kids hunting and fishing…to introduce them to the great outdoors. My father did this with my brother, sister and me. He believed that if you can get a kid started fishing early in life, it will be a “good distraction” from all “the bad” this world presents to young ones. My father was coaching at Malakoff H.S. in the 60’s…he also guided on Cedar Creek Lake during the summer months. He took me bass fishing and I caught my first largemouth bass at 4 years old. Then he coached at Hemphill H.S. from 1970 – 73’…and guided out of Six Mile Marina on Toledo Bend Reservoir during the summer months. I was blessed to be able to fish “The Bend” at a young age and right after it opened. The fishing was incredible…especially to a young boy like I was then. Then he introduced my brother and I to the now famous Lake Guerrero in 1974. I was 10 years old at the time. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. It was my first experience with “100 bass” days. I was hooked on fishing forever after that trip! I’ve done the same with my two sons when they were as young as 5 years old. They were introduced to fishing and hunting…more on the hunting as I took them to the deer stand at early ages.

L to R Matt Conner, Lane Gregory, Jenna Gregory and Lacie Gregory having fun at lake Picachos!!

Now, fast forward to September 2020. One of our wonderful customers, Mel Farley, and his daughter Lacie, have been fishing with us at Lake Picachos and El Salto multiple times each season for the past 5 years. Lacie decided it was time for her to introduce her two kids, Jenna and Lane, to Mexico bass fishing and Lake Picachos. Lacie and her dad Mel booked for September. They also brought friends Matt Conner and Christie Ball. Lacie’s kids are 11 years old (Jenna) and 7 years old (Lane). I knew Picachos would not disappoint…and boy it didn’t! Since it’s been a long, long time since we’ve had kids this young at one of our fishing operations, I had to make sure we were prepared to have very small life-jackets…and Gatorade! LOL. The entire family had a wonderful time and caught TONS of bass every day! However, I think it made the bigger impression on Jenna and Lane…the two young ones. Lacie called me the other day and said she and her son Lane were traveling in her car, and Lane said “Mom, life is just great”…Lacie replied, “Yes it is but why do you say that?” Then Lane replied, “You know…you know Mom”…then he explained that he was referring to his recent fishing trip of a lifetime to Picachos. He told her, “I’m ready to go back, Mom!”…Lacie told me that she and her dad Mel will be in hot water if they return to Picachos again without the kids. LOL.

Lane Gregory showing off his big catch at lake Picachos !!

Mel told me another story about he and his 11 year old granddaughter’s (Jenna) fishing experience one day at Picachos…One afternoon he and Jenna pulled up on the last fishing spot of the day. Jenna caught 4 bass in a row fishing from the back deck of the boat. Jenna said, “Pappsy, the bass are not on the bottom, they are suspended! Just throw it (lure) and start reeling real slow!” She then caught 11 in her next 15 casts. The next day Jenna fished with Mel’s friend Christie Ball. At lunch that day, Mel asked Jenna how she did…how was her fishing that morning? Jenna replied, “Pappsy, we did good but the fish were on the bottom!” …Now if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will. Folks we’re talking about two kids, 7 and 11 years old! These stories really do make me smile and I just wish more and more people would introduce their kids and grandkids to fishing and hunting. The world would be a much better place! This lake, Picachos, is such an easy trip for those that don’t want hard travel such as long van rides and produces a lot of action…especially for kids. The van ride from the Mazatlan Airport to our lodge is only 50 minutes on average. Our beautiful lodge with new 5-star restaurant, is located right at the water’s edge. Again, it’s an easy easy trip and easy lake to access!

L to R Christie Ball, Jenna Gregory, and Mel “Pappsy” Farley

There were a total of six (6) in their group to include Jenna and Lane. In 3 1/2 days of fishing at Picachos, the group landed 1241 bass! That is by Mel’s and Lacie’s count…and yes, they carried and used those “clickers” to keep count. I think I’ll be seeing the group back at Picachos in the near future…Jenna and Lane included. 🙂 See below for more photos from their wonderful experience! Check out those BIG grins on the kids’ faces! Warms my heart!


As I mentioned in my last update (August 2020 Brazil, Mexico and Covid-19 Update), we have entertained anglers/customers at our El Salto and Picachos camps since July 1st without a single customer reporting testing positive for Covid=19. In fact, not one single customer has returned and reported feeling ill. Also as stated in my August 2020 Update, we have taken necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this virus. All employees are required to wear masks at all times when customers are present or close by. We continue to sanitize the camps before customers arrive and immediately after customers depart. While we are not making it mandatory for customers to wear masks in the camps, we do offer plenty of masks for those that want to wear one OR want a fresh mask.

If one believes the masks work for preventing the spread of this virus, then it will be very difficult to catch Covid-19 while traveling. Most, if not all airports require face coverings (mask) to enter the gate areas. Most, if not all airlines require the use of face coverings to board the plane and that policy includes for the complete duration of the flight.

I have instructed ALL drivers from the Tour Guide Association in Mazatlan, the same drivers that pick up all RSJA customers at the airport and transport to and from our camps, that there will NOT be more than two customers per bench seat in the vans. In other words, no “elbow to elbow”…plenty of space between passengers. The drivers will have masks available at the airport prior to anyone boarding the vans. Again, that’s for those that choose to wear a mask.

Despite the obvious ongoing debates regarding masks and whether or not they work, we will have them available at all times. I have my own opinion about them but I won’t share. Let’s just say I wear them where needed or when asked to enter a place of business.

I will be traveling to Mexico soon as always. I will be at our camps this season as normal. I am one of those with “underlying conditions” as I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 17 years ago. I take multiple medicines to treat my Diabetes and it’s a constant battle. If you have it, you know very well the battle I speak about. That said, I am 56 years old and whatever years the Lord has planned for me to remain on this earth, I’m going to spend that time NOT living my remaining years in fear. Every person in this world has different health issues and what’s good for me may not be good for the next person. Still, for me, I am not going to stay locked down and “hope” there’s a cure or vaccine coming soon. In MY humble opinion, this virus is here to stay for a while…just like many other viruses that have come down the pike in my lifetime. We must learn to go on and live our lives…just the same as we have with the flu and other viruses that have vaccines …but the flu virus still lives among us.

You choose what you feel is best for you. I only give my opinion because I have taken on a handful of calls from customers since my last update and those customers wanting my opinion. Well, I am certainly no doctor or scientist…meaning, I know about as much about this virus as you or anyone else that’s not in the medical profession. In other words, I’m no expert and don’t claim to be. I’m merely passing along my opinion and stating that I choose to go on with life. I’ll be in Mexico and Brazil in the coming months. When I’m not in Mexico or Brazil, I’m going to be sitting on a deer stand…or hunting quail…or just relaxing with good friends in our hunting camp in west Texas. Back in early September, I participated in our annual dove hunt in Coleman, Texas with family and friends. We went to eat at one of the several great steak restaurants in Abilene, TX…rode in my truck with a full cab of people. Nobody got sick, nobody worried about getting sick. WE WENT TO HAVE FUN LIKE ALWAYS…and nothing, including this virus, was going to stop that from happening! In case you’re wondering, do I believe this virus exists? Absolutely. No denying it. I’m simply stating that I am going on with my life as I’ve always known it…with “some” wise precautions taken.

Just a final reminder…we are taking all necessary precautions in our camps to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Mazatlan beaches and hotels have been open and operating since July 1st. Tourism in Mazatlan is coming back faster than expected. You do what you feel is BEST FOR YOU. I will be hunting and fishing like always.


Yes, Brazil is ready to rock and roll again. The only holdup is American Airlines non-stop direct flight between Miami and Manaus will not be reinstated until December 3rd, 2020. That will be just in time for our Jan – March season! They have strict protocols for businesses in Brazil and particularly Manaus and the Amazon and our crew in Brazil is following to the letter with their nature tours aboard The Otter and other motherships for eco-tours. The sanitation process aboard the Otter will continue into the future or as long as needed for safety purposes.

The Rio Negro and it’s vast amount of tributaries is next up on our fishing location and schedule. Last season (Jan – Mar) saw our BEST fishing in the Negro in the past 10 years! Every group/trip hooked a lot of big peacocks over 20 lbs and many of those that were landed ended up being the angler’s largest peacock bass ever! There is no doubt in my mind that the mighty Rio Negro and it’s fishing has returned with a fury! Of course as well all know, water level has everything to do with fishing…particularly with river systems in the Amazon Basin. Last season proved the giants are still there and maybe in the largest numbers I’ve seen in over a decade!

Tired of staying locked down? Come on down and enjoy this great adventure! As I’ve stated many times over the past 30+ years, this trip is not just for the diehard angler….NO SIR! This trip is BIG ADVENTURE! Yes, the peacock bass is the most powerful fish, pound for pound, that swims in any body of water…and it’s also the most fun fish to catch. Those massive and deafening topwater explosions are impossible to describe to those that have yet to experience them. Still, you do not have to be a skilled angler nor one that is crazy about fishing to enjoy THIS TRIP! Flying over the fabled Amazon Jungle in a chartered plane, capturing photos and videos of the jungle from high above. Living aboard a 5-star floating hotel in The Otter Mothership…air conditioned cabins with private shower, air conditioned restaurant, 3 lounge decks (one with bar), tackle room and providing you with all lures, line and fishing rods…you only bring your own fishing reels for this trip!

Our fishing guides are THE BEST IN THE AMAZON! All have at least 15 years experience in guiding American fishermen and several have been with us from the beginning in the Amazon…since 1993. The boats are American-made all welded and 17′ in length. These boats have two large fishing decks, front and back and equipped with first class Yamaha 60 HP 4-stroke engines. The boats are also equipped with powerful thrust Motorguide trolling motors.

Our manager, Franz Shuler, is one of the best managers I’ve ever had in my 33 years in business…both in Brazil and Mexico. He’s fluent in several languages to include English. Franz understands the concept of sportfishing and he knows the Amazon jungle and it’s natives better than anyone I know. Franz will be happy to take you into the small villages to meet with the local natives of the Amazon for trading for souvenirs (boat paddles, spears, bows, arrows, etc) or just to take photos and learn more about the culture of the natives and the Amazon. This includes bird watching as there are literally hundreds of different bird species and other wildlife close to where you will be fishing. As I said…BIG BIG ADVENTURE!

Last…no other houseboat fishing operation in the Amazon has more years and experience than we do. From Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures down to the manager, staff and guides. There is a reason we’ve been around this long…we do things right and many of our customers come home VERY HAPPY. They also feel safe when booking with us because they know we place SAFETY FIRST. ALWAYS!

George Harris has made over 20 trips to the Amazon with RSJA…landed these two beautiful peacocks on ONE CAST!

Come down and experience this high adventure and fishing trip of a lifetime! You’ll be glad you did!!!


If you’ve subscribed or followed my “Blog” updates in the past, you’ll know how much I recommend Terry Oldham’s jigs and spinnerbaits….whether that’s for using in Mexico or here in the U.S. If the good Lord took all my tackle and lures away and told me I could use just one lure the rest of my days, I would choose a spinnerbait…an OLDHAM SPINNERBAIT! The spinnerbait is so versatile as it can be fished deep, shallow or even on the surface. Most of my life I have used the spinnerbait for locating bass as I can cover more water with it until I find a pattern and locate a concentration of bass. Once I find them, then I’ll hunker down and fish that area slower….generally with a jig…an OLDHAM JIG! Terry Oldham started sponsoring me in the early 90’s when I was active on the Tournament Trail. I can’t tell you how many times I placed in the money or tournaments I won while fishing Oldham’s jigs and spinnerbaits…but it was A LOT! Now I don’t just fish jigs and spinnerbaits exclusively as I change it up “at times”…but I can honestly say that if you see me on the lake, you’ll notice I’ll have many rods rigged with Oldham’s jigs and spinnerbaits. Terry really goes the extra mile when building his lures as he uses extra heavy duty hardware. I won’t fish anyone else’s jigs or spinners.

Call Terry Today to get your order placed. He’ll be at our camps in Mexico this season…as always…helping locate those bigguns for our valuable customers! That’s why it is imperative you place your order NOW…as he’ll be in Mexico A LOT this season! If you already have a trip booked with us for this coming season, you need to give him at least 30 days notice with your orders. He has MANY orders to fill.

Terry Oldham/Oldham Lures
Office: 800-596-2436
Cell: 512-406-1588
website: oldhamjigs.com

If you call Terry’s cell and there’s no answer, please send him a TEXT message. Tell him you’re going fishing with Ron Speed Jr or read Ron Jr’s update…and text him your number to give a return call. He’ll get back with you soon! You won’t be sorry!


August 2020 Brazil, Mexico and Covid-19 Update

[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed Jr.]


John Barns landed this Picachos beauty late January 2020. John and his partner landed a lot of bass in the 5-7lbs range during that trip!!

Back in the saddle again…Yea i’m still stuck on Gene Autry. Hi folks! I have waited over 2 months to bring you an update. I wanted to wait and see how things progressed in Mexico and particularly with the Mazatlan area and areas surrounding our 3 lake/lodge operations as it relates to Covid-19.

In my last update near the end of May, I mentioned we were planning to reopen our 3 lake operations in Mexico on June 25th. At that time of the update, some businesses in Mexico and particularly in Sinaloa state and Mazatlan were allowed to reopen. However, I was more focused on when the Mexican government was going to allow the beaches and hotels in Mazatlan to reopen…because THAT would tell me that the Mexican government was optimistic that tourism for Mazatlan was safe and low risk of contracting the virus. Well, the Mexican Government allowed all beaches/hotels in Mazatlan to reopen July 1st. Therefore we officially reopened our fishing operations (lodges) that same day…July 1st.

El Salto Restaurant and porch moments after being sanitized.

I’ve waited over a month since our first groups started fishing with us in early July to put out an update. I wanted to give our customers sufficient time to return home from their trip and then see if anyone had contracted or tested positive for the virus? Please note before I go any further that I would not have opened our camps if I was convinced the risk of contracting the virus was high. When I decided to follow the guidelines for reopening that the Mexican Government put in place, I was convinced that it was time to reopen. We went through the “sanitation” requirements set forth by the Mexican Government which included having to completely wash every house, room, furniture, bed, boat, restaurant, down with a particular sanitizing chemical that was mandatory for the government to pass us on inspection.

After one month of groups at both Lake El Salto and Lake Picachos, I had Bill (office/sales manager) contact our customers/groups to inquire on their current health status? He’s still waiting on a “few” to get back with him but at the time of this writing, he’s been able to reach nearly 70% of the groups or group leaders…and thus far, NOT ONE customer or group leader has reported feeling sick and NOT ONE has reported testing positive for the virus. You can contact our office Mon – Fri, 8 am – 4 pm, to receive more updates as Bill continues to reach ALL customers that have fished with us and returned home. Again, thus far or as of today, NOT ONE has reported having contracted the virus and NOT ONE has become sick or feeling ill. That’s encouraging but we’ll continue to monitor all returning customers/groups so we can give you up-to-date ACCURATE information! That is always my first priority and goal… whether it relates to fishing or safety.

RSJA employees wearing facial coverings at all times when customers are present.

FYI, the precautions we’re taking besides completely sanitizing the camps and boats are that we DO make it mandatory that all of our employees (includes cooks, waiters, bartenders, managers) wear a mask when customers are close by or in the camp. We leave wearing of masks optional for the individual customer. We will have masks available at the camps and also available for everyone at the airport when your driver picks you up. Most if not all airlines require every passenger to wear facial covering and it is my understanding that all airports require facial covering once you enter the gate area after passing through TSA Security Checkpoint. Therefore most will have a mask already in his/her possession but we’ll have masks available as well should anyone want a fresh mask or lose one.

The El Cid Moro Beach (L) and the El Cid Casilla Beach (R)

Last week I contacted the C.E.O. of El Cid Resorts in Mazatlan. He oversees 4 El Cid Resort Hotels in Mazatlan. I asked him for an update on how the reopening has gone over the past 35+ days? He informed me that they opened when allowed on July 1st…took the same precautions for sanitation as we were required to do…and they have been operating at approximately 70% capacity. He was very excited and pleased to see the desire for tourism return. We have been referring and recommending El Cid Resorts in Mazatlan for over 21 years now and consider them to be first class and always putting their guests’ safety first…the same as we do!


Justin Wright is all smiles after landing this nice Picachos CHUNK!!

If you’ve read my Lake Picachos updates in the past, I’m going to sound completely redundant. That said, this lake continues to amaze and show that it just keeps getting better….if that’s even possible? Well, here’s how it’s possible. Two weeks ago I had a group fishing at Picachos…a small group of three (3) anglers. Dr. Justin Wright, Phil Judson and Bob Peters. This group had fished at Picachos several times in the past couple of years…but this was THEIR BEST TRIP EVER! The fact there were only 3 anglers in the group and we don’t allow 3 anglers to fish from same boat (safety rule), that meant every day one of the anglers would have to fish alone. They were there to fish 3 days and the first two days saw them average around 100 fish per boat with the two anglers and 60 – 70 a day for the single angler. That changed their 3rd and final day. Dr. Justin Wright fished the last day alone. His guide reported that Dr. Wright landed 325 fish that day! I read that in my WhatsApp report that night and thought that had to be a mistake! I waited for Dr. Wright and group to return home before asking him to verify that single day’s catch. His comment was “325 would be conservative”…he also stated the following…

John Barns (L) with Neil Vandebeizen (R) with a Lake Picachos trophy!!!

“I sucked it up so bad that morning (bet I caught less than 30), but that afternoon it started to rain and I went through 6 bags of swimbaits and knocked the paint off 3 or 4 of my Arukus (Spro’s shad colored crankbait and same crankbait Terry Oldham landed crazy numbers of BIG bass at Picachos last March)…325 would be conservative. I was calling Phil and Bob to come over at 200 when I stopped for a quick drink. I was (upset) when I ran out of swimbaits because we couldn’t get them off fast enough with the trebles (hooks) all around! I had 4 rods/reels rigged and ready…I kept boat flipping them and would drop the rod, pick up another rod…and within seconds, cranking another to the boat…IT WAS WILD! My rib cage on my right side was sooooo bruised and still hurts from setting the hook and crankin’! The bottom of the boat looked like a tackle murder scene where I was biting off the heads of the swimbaits until I had whittled them down to completely unusable! It wasn’t until 7 pm when lightning began to show over the mountains and had to call it quits. That’s ok because quite frankly I was worn out. So it was 4.5 to 5 hours of sheer catching that afternoon. The number of times I reeled back without a fish was just laughable…meaning, VERY FEW TIMES. Best day or afternoon of fishing in my lifetime and one I’ll never forget!”

Phil Judson and his two fishing buddies landed 770 on their 3 days on Picachos

I cannot tell you or share with you all of the stories and testimonies like this one we’ve received over the past 5 or 6 years…too many to keep count. However, this one was definitely at the top of the “shareable list” because Dr. Wright set a Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures record for a single day’s catch by ONE ANGLER. We’ve had quite a few boats of TWO ANGLERS catch over 300 bass in one day but never had just ONE angler catch over 300 bass in a single day while fishing alone. Well, not until NOW. Congrats Dr. Wright…you’re now at the top of the record book and we’ve made you famous! 🙂

Justin Wright proves that it’s not only the bass that are big in Picachos after landing this 4lb tilapia!!

Folks, this lake just keeps getting better and better and I say that mostly because the average size of the bass just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Just one week prior to my closing the camp on March 21st due to the virus, I had a group catching 150 – 250 bass per day per boat but 50% of their bass were over 4 lbs! Many in the 5 – 6 lbs class! Even some 7’s and 8’s. Oldham and I were catching the same but a lot of our bass were in the – 8 lbs class because we were targeting deeper water (ledges, humps and points next to creek channels). The bigguns are in there if one so desires to fish deeper and slower…but that’s been difficult for most of my customers to do when they know they can just go catch crazy sheer numbers of bass in the 2 – 4.5 lbs class!

Continued landscape improvents at Picachos!!

Here’s another recent update…

Steve Johnson and Nathan Rothstein arrived at Lake Picachos on August 3rd to fish for 4 days. These were their daily catch numbers…
Day 1 – 156 bass to 4.5 lbs
Day 2 – 161 bass to 4.10 lbs
Day 3 – 302 bass to 5.16 lbs
Day 4 – 354 bass to 7.14 lbs * They landed on this day, 7 bass over 5 lbs and 40 total bass over 4 lbs!

Total bass landed by 2 anglers in 4 days = 973 bass!

As you can see, their last two days were the best…both for numbers and size! For many anglers in this world, their first two days would have been the best days of fishing in a lifetime. Not the case for Steve and Nathan! That’s what makes Picachos so great. It’s a lake that you can go to and have your best catch ever of a lifetime in one day….and break the record one or two days later! Simply an amazing bass factory and ranks up there with the best new lakes ever in my lifetime!

The water level at Comedero has been rising fast in the past 3 weeks!


Eric Hada Amazon January 2020

Last week I received an update from our manager (Franz) in Brazil. Franz informed me that businesses in Manaus and surrounding areas of the Amazon Basin were allowed to reopen nearly a month ago…particularly our types of businesses for Fishing and Eco Tours! The hotels in Manaus were allowed to reopen nearly a month ago as well. This is not the case for every city and or other areas of the country but definitely it’s good news for the Amazon, Manaus and areas we operate in for fishing! The Amazon Otter will definitely follow the government’s guidelines for taking safety precautions regarding the virus. Once American Airlines reinstates the non-stop direct flights to Manaus from U.S., we’ll be ready to roll! At the present time, AA shows they plan to reinstate that flight on October 25, 2020…two months from NOW! Of course this could change on short notice but as of today, that’s what I’m hearing! So good news all around and we’re anxious to get started up again! As I know all of our valuable customers are also anxious to do battle with the mighty peacock bass again!

Amazon Otter Beach Barbecue


Since things definitely look to be trending in the right direction, I would strongly recommend getting your date secured but just as important, your AIRFARE purchased! Just a little over one month ago, the flight from Dallas to Mazatlan (through Phoenix) was averaging around $300.00 roundtrip in economy class…and I personally purchased a business class ticket for a little over $500.00 roundtrip. However, those cheap fares are GONE…at least for the time being. Still, depending on dates traveled and availability of the two class of seats/tickets, one can still buy it as low as $400 roundtrip in economy…but it can also range as high as $800 roundtrip if availability of seats/class is limited. In other words, this would be an EXCELLENT time to start “bird dogging” the flights and fares…and if you have your date with us secured, then purchase your tickets NOW…if the fare is low! Once everyone gets back to normal travel (pre-virus), I feel as though the fares are going to continue to rise. Timing is everything. Don’t wait too long! You can call our preferred travel agent Martin Travel and get an up to date quote on fares. They are the best agency in the travel industry and we’ve used them for almost 20 years now! Also, if you want to spend any extra time in Mazatlan and need hotel recommendations, I strongly recommend El Cid Resorts. I mentioned them previously in this update. The best resort in Mazatlan. Oh and…all of RSJA customers get a nice little discount at El Cid Castilla Beach hotel….if you book your reservation through Martin Travel Services. First class resort right on the beach and located in the “Golden Zone”…which is the prime tourist zone. Call Martin Travel Services TODAY to secure your air travel and hotel arrangements! 954-614-4994 and ask for Karen Schmier. Tell her you have a trip booked with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures and she’ll be happy to take care of your travel needs!