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International Adventures Today I am leaving the beaten path once again and am going to share a testimonial letter with you. I am constantly asked “How did you get into this Mexico bass fishing business and how have you managed to stay in it so long.” Today I will send you a testimonial letter from Kelly Forrest who is a nice lady who fished at Lake El Salto a couple weeks ago.

Letters like this are what has kept me going all the past 38 years. Not all my letters are like this one but since the mid 1980s we have had very few bad letters. Since we started fishing Comedero and El Salto we keep on getting letters like this one from Kelly.

Kelly’s Letter

“Our trip was perfection from the moment Carlos, the Ron Speed van driver, met us at the airport. He delivered us safe and sound, with a few Coronas in our belly, to our destination – El Salto. Camp Director Lupe met us in the drive and quickly made us feel very welcome. He showed us our rooms and while we unpacked, served us margaritas and nachos. My 13 year old son, eager to fish, started fishing from the bank. Lupe showed him were to fish and on his third cast … he landed a bass over 7 lbs. Lupe quickly tore out to the dining area and safely put the bass in an indoor aquarium. We watched that bass swim for the remainder of our trip. My son didn’t care if he ever caught another fish!!! His trip was complete.”

“The trip just continued to get better! Lupe woke us up every morning with his famous song, coffee and juice. He soon learned I loved Baileys … so, he served that in my coffee every morning! We had a great breakfast every day and then walked a few feet to our boats. The sunrise on the water was spectacular!”

“In the Ron Speed articles, they speak about how nice it is to have a fishing camp on the lake … I can’t tell you how nice that was!!! After fishing for 5 hours … it was so nice to pull up to the shore, wash off with the clean towels Lupe brings to the dock, grab a margarita … relax … take a siesta if you want (which my Dad and brother did almost every day!), eat a nice lunch, regroup and then walk a few steps back to the boat. It was great fishing, but the breaks — which were well-needed after fishing long and hard — were nice! Everyone was ready to hit the boats again for more great fishing in the afternoon.”

“We fished for four days … hard work … but so much fun! Having to travel back to a motel, would have been a pain in the rear.”

“I made these reservations for my family. I researched a few spots … I picked Ron Speed and I was 100% satisfied. Our family couldn’t have had a better fishing trip!! My advise to anyone looking for the perfect spot on El Salto … don’t look any further … you have found the best place — Ron Speed’s Adventures!!”

“Have a great trip and you might want to start lifting weights — so your arms will be in shape for reeling in all those monsters!!”

— Kelly R. Forrest

Closing Comments

Thanks, Kelly. Your letter reflects the enthusiasm and great attitude of my terrific clients!

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