Ron’s Fishing Tips and Stories: Red Hot El Salto

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I have decided to mix in some Mexico & Brazil bass fishing reports along with the fishing tips & stories. This week we will feature the past couple weeks of fishing at El Salto. Comedero is totally full at 110% which means great fishing from Jan to April. Currently El Salto fishing is scorchingly red hot and reminds me of old days as it’s unbelievable. This week we had anglers catching 9, 10, 11 lb bass on topwater in 5 to 8 ft of water. Here are the client reports:

Fishing Reports

NOV 15 2008

William Godman & Mark Kingery from Utah had 70 bass with a 10.2 & 8.5lb on wacky rigged 5″ watermelon senkos. With guide Juan

Nolan Pearson & Gary Colf from Utah had 106 bass with a 10.1 & 8.7lb on 5′ wacky rigged watermelon senkos & 8′ Carolina rigged lizards with guide Armando Sr

Will Treadway & Kevin Bell from Utah had 60 bass to 9.2lbs on pumpkin chartruse lizards & watermelon senkos with guide Jorge

NOV 16 2008

William Godwin & Gary Colf from Utah had 75 bass with 2 bass over 8lbs on wacky rigged watermelon senkos with guide Armando Sr

Jason Fifer & Marty Cullen from PA/ID had 83 bass with a 8 & 7.5lb on wacky rigged watermelon senkos with guide Chelo

Bill Godwin & Gary Colf from Utah had 80 bass with a couple of 8.5 pounders on watermelon senkos with guide J Manuel

NOV 17 2008

Matt Garner & Mark Kinger from Utah/AZ had 122 bass with a 10 & 8lb on watermelon senkos & lizards with guide Armando Sr

Clay Smith & william Godwin from Utah had 99 bass with 3 fish over 6lbs on watermelon chartruse lizards with guide Chelo

Rick Burris & Gary Colf from AZ/Utah had 95 bass with 3 over 6lbs on 5″ watermelon senkos with guide J Manuel

NOV 26 THRU 28 2008

Doyl Hendrix and his son Danny, both from Oklahoma, daughter Kelly Forrest & her 13 yr old son Lucas Forrest, both from Texas, had a great 3-day trip landing 259 bass with 1 over 11 lbs, 2 over 10 lbs, 4 over 8 lbs, and 3 over 7 lbs

Doyle was our “Big Bass of the Month” winner with a 11.5 lb monster. His prize: a free return fishing trip to El Salto or Comedero! Read more about this fun promotion on our Web site. And congrats to Kelly for her 10 lb trophy; also, 13 yr old Lucas’ big bass tipped the scales at 9 lbs 11 oz.


Wally Wagner of VA fishing solo had a great day, landing 32 bass with a 10, 9.5, 8, & 7.9 lb on multi color op rs & white silver flake in 1-5′ of water

Mike Tuttle & Bill Phelps, both from Texas, had 54 bass to 7.5 lbs on white sammy’s & blue/chrome rat-l-traps in shallow water

Dewey Leggit & Greg Jarman, also from Texas, had 50 bass to 7 lbs 11 oz all on talapia color pop rs in 1-5′ of water

Good luck with your fishing and wear that lifejacket!

See our NEWS page for more about the “Big Bass of the Month” award

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