Ron’s Fishing Tips and Stories: Winter Bass Fishing in Mexico and Brazil

Opening Comments

International Adventures It’s wintertime here in the states and I just hate cold weather unless I am sitting in a warm deer blind or a heated duck blind. You certainly won’t find me on the water this time of the year. That cold north wind just makes it miserable to be outside.

However, it’s a great time to be in western Mexico with highs in the 80’s and lows usually in the upper 50’s with very little wind. That’s as close to paradise as it gets for a bass fisherman. One great fishing trip a year to Mexico gives you something to look forward to and you don’t get that feeling that you are missing out on something great.

Lake El Salto

This lake has been red hot since we opened last fall. Bass are being caught in all depths on a wide variety of lures ranging from top waters to Storm swimbaits. Also producing good numbers of fish are the blue-chrome rattletraps and–as always–the watermelon lizard rigged Carolina style. This bait works in all bass lakes in all countries. It is always a sure bet when all other baits fail.

The numbers of fish are running from 50 bass per boat each day up to 80 fish a day with good quality fish. It’s all the action you would hope to have on a trip. Tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our beautiful little camp just gets prettier every year as we continue to plant more flowers and shrubs. Remember, we have the only camp at water’s edge–it’s 1 minute from your bed to your boat. Our guides are local men who have been with us since we opened the camp in 1994.

Come on down and enjoy this tropical paradise.

Lake Comedero

We opened Comedero back in November and then we got a big rise from rains in the mountains. The lake went up to 110% and the first 2 weeks were very slow. However, now the level is stable and the whole lake has turned to fish. The numbers are running from 60 to 110 bass per day per boat with some good catches coming on top water. Other baits producing good for us are white spinners, citrus colored cranks, and as always the watermelon colored lizard.

Omar is running an excellent camp with great food and great service. There is a new road from the camp down to the water with a private sombra for noon lunches.

Of course we have the very best bass boats in Mexico (Express boats), equipped with steering wheels and all the comforts you would expect to find in an American-made boat.

The fishing is fantastic, so get out of this cold weather and go have some fun in the warm climate of Mexico.

Brazil Peacocks

Last fall we ran only like 3 trips due to the economy scare but those trips produced some fantastic fishing. The area we fished is restricted: it takes a permit to fish in this special place. I guess the word spread as we are booked full for this next fall. I am sure we may have a cancellation or two between now and next fall so you might call the office from time to time.

We are now in our winter season fishing the flooded Negro river out of Barcellos. WE ARE THE ONLY OUTFITTER RUNNING TRIPS THIS WINTER. All our competition canceled their trips due to slow fishing which was about 100 fish total for a week. ALL OUR TRIPS SO FAR HAVE AVERAGED OVER 700 FISH AND LOTS OF BIG FISH.

Jimmy Houston shot a TV show with us last week and Jimmy had a 21 lb a 22 lb, and a 24 lb peacock by a lady in Jimmy’s group; so you might watch Jimmy’s show when he airs the Brazil show as this will be a great fishing show.

Once again, let me remind you that the houseboat we use is the largest and finest in all the Amazon. I recommend you get a spot for next season before they are all filled.

Closing Comments

Over the past 37 years in this fishing business we have gone through several economic recessions. Some people stayed home fearful of the downturn. Many clients chose to go ahead with their lives and didn’t miss their once-a-year fishing trip. We all know the economy will get much better and we all know it’s only a question of time. This season in both Mexico and Brazil we have been truly blessed with good business. In fact, we are going to have more business this season than we had the season before. That’s FANTASTIC and we are truly gratefully to all our loyal clients. Just remember each year you miss is one you can’t ever get back no matter what happens, so make your plans to book your trip and take a buddy. You will have lots of fun and make some precious memories.

And remember, if you are too busy to go fishing then MISTER YOU ARE TOO DARN BUSY.

Don’t let winter ruin your fishing. Check out all our WARM destinations.

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