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YOU NEED TO HURRY…PROMOTION EXPIRES TODAY, MONDAY, JULY 31ST! Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures has teamed up with Major League Fishing (MLF) TV Show for this “ULTIMATE DREAM MEXICO” fishing adventure! MLF is giving away 10 all expense paid fishing spots to the amazing Lake Picachos, Mexico. This Ultimate Dream Mexico trip will take place this coming November, 2017. To enter, go to: …once there, you can enter by clicking any of the 16 sponsors of Major League Fishing. Don’t wait as the chance to win ends TODAY! Good luck and hope to see you at the incredible Lake Picachos this November!!!


Yes, we are adding new powerful thrust 24 volt Minn Kota trollers to all of our 18′ Xpress Boats at El Salto for the upcoming season. If you have fished with us recently at Lakes Comedero and Picachos, you will be familiar with the powerful Minn Kota trollers we have on those boats. We continue to upgrade in all areas where needed and this upgrade was much needed and I am sure will be welcomed by all of our valuable El Salto customers!

New bar area at El Salto (click to enlarge photo)

El Salto fishing just keeps on producing as it’s “money in the bank” most of the season! Also, our customers just love our waterfront lodge with spacious air conditioned rooms, satellite TV in each room, restaurant with indoor aquarium and big screen TV. The food is second to none. Also, as stated in our last update, we have rebuilt the outdoor bar next to the huge 130 year old Capuli tree with satellite TV and new bar stools and tables. This lodge has always been a big HIT with our customers and many “feel at home” while staying with us. The staff offers the best service on the lake and Lupe keeps everyone smiling and laughing with his singing. Yes, THAT LUPE…”Guadalajara Man”…is still going full speed and singing every day! He’s family!


Each season we see an increase in the average size of the bass in Picachos. It’s still an “off the charts” numbers lake and many of our customers are more interested in numbers rather than size. Still, the numbers are way up there with most boats this season averaging 100 – 150 bass per day, but we’re seeing more and more bigguns showing up. Every week we had an angler (or two) land bass of 8 lbs or larger. The real increase in size this season at Picachos was the number of 5 and 6 lbs bass that were caught. That’s always going to be the first noticeable size increase on these newer lakes that kick out 100 bass per day consistently. We’re entering that magical phase that I’ve seen many times on new lakes…the phase where trophy bass start showing up on a regular basis but the numbers are still awesome. This is the time where the angler has a decent chance at both numbers and trophies. I am still NOT READY to declare Picachos a true trophy lake…but the chances of hooking trophy bass in this lake are increasing every year and now it’s no longer a wish or a dream. I fully expect Picachos to turn out more big bass of 8 lbs or larger this coming season…and more than ever before.

President of Strike King Lure Co. John Barns and legendary pro angler Denny Brauer with John’s giant Picachos bass!

Our lodge on Picachos is THE BEST on the lake and THE LARGEST on the lake. The rooms are the largest, bath/showers the largest, the restaurant the largest and they’re also THE NICEST! Oh and the bass boats…Xpress Bass Boats…not only are our Xpress Bass boats the best on the lake, but also the best in all of Mexico! All boats are equipped with powerful Minn Kota 24 volt trolling motors, 60 HP Yamaha 4-stroke outboard motors, front and console sonars mounted and bicycle butt seats for those who prefer them and want to operate your own trolling motor. We also provide outstanding fishing rods by Dobyns Rods. We offer medium heavy, heavy and flipping sticks. This saves you, our valuable customer, the hassle of toting those big rod cases through airports. Our lodge offers the best of everything and the food….oh yes, THE FOOD…well, every customer that has visited our lodge at Picachos (and all of our lake lodges for that matter) and returned to give us their critique on everything, has told us that not only is our food the best of all lodges they’ve visited in Mexico….but also for all fishing operations they’ve visited in the world. In other words, our food is pretty darn good and it’s a good bet that you will not go away hungry…and maybe even gain a pound or two.

Picachos Boats


Comedero Sun Rise during rainy season

I recently visited Lake Comedero with two other friends…Steve “Big O” Parks of Rage Tail Soft Plastics by Strike King Lure Co, and Shane Moore of Southwest Parts in Dallas, TX. The purpose of my trip wasn’t to go fishing, although I wasn’t about to go there and not take a rod, but more for the purpose of overseeing the construction and upgrade of our facilities at Comedero. Big O told me he wasn’t going for the purpose of fishing either…but rather to “scope” the lake and familiarize himself more with the lake while it’s at it’s lowest. This trip would take place in late June and just prior to the annual monsoon season going into full RAINY SEASON mode! Shane also told me he wanted to go fish and learn the lake at it’s lowest. Big O and Shane have fished Lake Comedero many times over the years but mostly during the January – March months when the water level is higher.

Before I get to the fishing, allow me to talk a little about the upgrades. For those of you that have fished Lake Comedero with us in the past and plan to do so in the near future, you will notice a huge difference in the overall facilities. I won’t completely let the cat out of the bag just yet but trust me when I say that I believe you will be very happy with the new look and feel of our camp. I will go ahead and tell you that all air conditioner units in every house and room have been replaced with newer units. I will also tell you that for those that want to stay at the camp the last night instead of making the ride back to Mazatlan after fishing all day will be given that opportunity to do so. That’s it for now but those of you that are already booked with us to Comedero for the upcoming season or plan to do so, should be happy with the upgrades that are currently ongoing.

Now on to the fishing….Where do I start? First off, when I decided to reopen our operation on Lake Comedero two years ago, I decided that I only wanted to target what I believe and had known from 30 years of fishing the lake, to be the very best 4 months and opportunities at hooking huge trophy bass. That being December – March. Well, after this past season’s unbelievable fishing and checking the lake in April, May and June, I have decided now to extend our operating season until June 1st. I still think we could leave the camp open year round and have great fishing in just about every month but again, I want to target not only the best months for fishing but also weather. The monsoon season “could” begin as early as June 1st every year at Comedero…and the monsoon rains/storms are much more intense with lightning higher up in the mountains and Comedero than it is down below the mountains at El Salto and Picachos. As for the fishing, after this past trip in late June, I am convinced that Comedero is just so incredibly full of big bass right now that fishing there through the end of May will be just as good as fishing through the end of March.

Ron Jr with another BIG Comedero bass!!

As for the fishing during my recent visit with Big O and Shane Moore…well, as planned, Big O didn’t go there to fish and mostly rode around the lake marking areas that he had never fished before with the water being this low of level. Still, he wasn’t about to not take a rod/reel with him in the boats….no true angler would ever do such…and especially at Lake Comedero! Big O was in a boat with a guide by himself…Shane was in a boat w/guide by himself. Carlos Lizarraga (my general manager) and I were in a boat together the first day. All three boats went different directions on the lake. After stopping at the first point/shelf I wanted to fish, I noticed that shelf had a lot of fish on it…what appeared to be a lot of BIG FISH on it…so I picked up my 1 oz Oldham jig and dropped vertical beside the boat….after about 10 minutes of bouncing that jig off the bottom and deep into that brush, I decided to lay the jig down and pick up my trusty 1 oz Oldham spinnerbait trailed with a Rage Tail plastic…I think it was a Rage Tail “Menace” …??? I know it was a Rage Tail plastic by Strike King….that much I remember for sure. Anyway, I had noticed a substantial number of big fish sitting above that thick brush while looking at the sonar, in about 18′ – 22′. I backed the boat away from the target zone a good 30 or 40 yards….then tossed my big Oldham spinnerbait past the target zone a good 10 – 15 yards so I could allow enough time for the spinnerbait to fall and hit brush. Once I felt the big spinner make contact with that brush, I slowly began dragging the spinner through the tops…dragging it just fast enough to turn that big willow leaf blade and throw off a lot of flash and vibration in hopes of triggering a strike….bam, bam, bam…I could feel that big blade constantly banging into heavy thick brush tops. On my fourth cast, I felt my line jump…about 3′ of slack jumped in my line and BOOM, I set the hook! My 8′ Dobyns rod doubled over immediately and I knew this was a “net fish”…I didn’t even have to yell for the net as Humberto already had the net in his hands. After about 30 seconds, this biggun would appear near the surface….OH YEAH! She’s a beauty! Humberto successfully netted the fatty and we quickly put her on the scales and released back to the water….a beautiful fat 9.6 pound toad! That’s not bad for a fourth cast of the trip! After retying my spinnerbait, I made another toss toward the same target zone that showed a lot of big bass on the sonar. This time my spinnerbait didn’t make it to the brush tops before WHAM…I got slammed by another biggun. I guess the battle with the previous big bass had stirred up the entire school and they were waiting suspended….and ready to eat! This was another big girl….and after another 30 – 40 second battle, I saw her…almost a twin to the other big bass I had just landed. After landing her and putting on the scales, she weighed in at 9.2 lbs. Back to back HOME RUNS!!!! I fished this shelf for another 20 or 30 minutes, catching several more quality bass in the 5 and 6 pound class. Then it was time to move on to one of the many other big fish locations I know on the lake. Not bad considering this was not what I consider to be ideal time of the year to fish Comedero! At least based upon my 3 decades of fishing this lake….but the lake is better now than I’ve ever seen in it’s previous 30 years!

About 10 am that morning, I had 4 bass over 8 lbs in the boat to include the two 9’s I caught in the first two cast…but I also had 6 over 7 lbs, and too many 5’s and 6’s to even think about keeping count of…but it was A LOT. At 10 am, I decided to check in with Shane….and he had also found the pattern to be big spinnerbait in the tops of brush in 18′ – 22′ of water. Shane had already put several 9’s in the boat and numerous 7’s and 8’s. At noon we all met up at the boat launch location and shared our morning experiences. Big O said that while he wasn’t really fishing, he did catch a couple of 8’s and 9’s while just “looking”….he would be riding along and marking structure, then see a big pile of what appeared to be big bass….stop the boat, throw a spinnerbait, and catch a biggun…then lay the rod down and go back to looking and marking spots. That afternoon would see Shane and me match our morning fishing….several more in the 9 pound range, several more in the 8 pound range and quite a few in the 5 – 7 pound range. However, we would also get run off the lake for about an hour due to the first wave of monsoon season storms that hit about 4 pm. That’s typical for rainy season….first wave hits mid to late afternoon, then moves on and nothing again until after dark…then rain most of the night.

The next day, I would put Carlos in the boat with Shane….and boy did Carlos get “schooled” on how to catch big bass on Comedero using a big spinnerbait. Carlos didn’t do bad as he landed several bass in the 5 and 6 pound class, but Shane, being a much more experienced angler…a REAL pro angler that is….absolutely wrecked the bigguns on the big blade. That day, Shane landed 24 bass over 7 lbs to include 4 over 8 lbs, 2 over 9 lbs and his largest bass tipped the scales at 10 lbs, 8 oz! Folks that’s downright WRECKIN’ EM!!!! If you will remember or refer back to my Comedero Update in late January of this year, I mentioned Shane and Denny Brauer’s amazing haul their last day on Comedero in mid January. Shane and Denny had landed 21 bass over 8 lbs that final day using big 1 oz jigs down in that brush. Here 6 months later, Shane was having another amazing haul….this time all on big blades!

Humberto showing off one of Ron Jrs Comedero BIG bass!

The rest of the week, 4 total days of fishing, Shane would continue to wreck the bigguns on the big blade and I had my fair share of big bass on the blade as well. Although I think we all agreed after the trip that this was Shane’s week…he definitely had the best catches. What I came away with was that there’s no doubt in my mind that we can safely offer great fishing at Comedero up until June and into the summer rainy months…but we’ll just go with until the first of June next season to play it safe.

We are increasing capacity at the camp and adding more boats. So if you were one of the many that called us in the past 5 months and couldn’t get a date with openings, try again….many of the new openings are gone but there are still plenty available when you consider we’re extending our season past March….TWO MORE MONTHS WITH OPEN DATES AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!!!

Folks, as many have stated after returning from Comedero this past season, it’s without a doubt the BEST TROPHY BASS LAKE IN THE WORLD! Steve “Big O” Parks has fished just about all known (and even some not so well known) big bass fisheries in the world and has a 15 lbs bass on his resume with many he’s caught in the 13 lbs class as well, has told me and everyone he’s come into contact with, that “COMEDERO IS THE BEST BIG BASS LAKE IN THE WORLD”….that’s coming from the King of Big Bass himself!!!

Call us today to book your big bass trip of a lifetime while there’s still openings….because for certain, they’ll be gone SOON!!!!

Call us today:800-722-0006

June 2017 Brazil Update

[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed Jr.]


Steve landed this 11 pound Comedero giant in Jan. 2015 (like all images, this one can be viewed larger by clicking on it)

Before we start the Brazil Peacock Bass update, it is with a heavy heart that I have to report the passing of a longtime friend, customer and RSJA Life Member, Steve Bauer. Steve and his wife Allison lost their lives recently in a fatal car accident. Steve loved to fish, loved fishing in Mexico and loved everything about Mexico…but he absolutely loved fishing Lake Comedero. It was by far his favorite lake and since his first trip there in 2002, he never missed a season fishing the lake while the lodge was open. Steve would fish 2 weeks every season. Our staff at all camps — hosts and guides — loved Steve and always looked forward to his arrival.  I met Steve in 1986 when he lived in my hometown of Corsicana and his son Tim worked for my father in a movie/video store. He was truly one of the “good guys” in this world that loved his family and loved the outdoors. Prayers sent up for his 3 kids and the rest of the family. Rest in peace my dear friend.


Charles Spivak 25lbs

For you avid peacock bass anglers…heck, for ALL avid anglers, it’s getting close to the time we start rippin’ and reelin’ to incite a major KABOOOOM!!! That “KABOOOOM” I refer to is the deafening sound a peacock bass makes when exploding on a large propelled topwater lure being ripped across the water’s surface. You that have fished for peacock bass in the Amazon know that sound very well… but for those of you who have never experienced it, well… let’s just say you’re missing the boat here! There is NOTHING in fishing that compares to the thunderous explosions a peacock bass makes on these big topwater lures nor is there anything in fishing that compares to the battle between angler and peacock! I have fished for these brute beasts since the late 80’s and today I still get humbled every time I go up against the amazing peacock bass. I’m sure many of you that have yet to experience it, have read my updates, heard the stories and probably think to yourself, “Meh, I don’t believe it.” Well, BELIEVE IT! I would probably be the same as many of you if I had not already experienced a battle with this monster fish. I’ve had 100 lbs test braid line snapped, 4.0 saltwater (4x strong) treble hooks straightened and seen these peacocks rip a 2″ eye hook screw right out of the side of these lures! That’s right…no lie, no fish story. And I’ve seen these things happen too many times to keep count! These are not saltwater fish either but all live in freshwater!

Lewis Cunningham 22 lb Peacock

You combine this amazing fish with the surroundings of the majestic Amazon Rain Forest, well… it’s a match made in Heaven. I tell people all the time that this isn’t just a fishing trip but rather a true HIGH ADVENTURE trip. One does not have to enjoy fishing or be an avid skilled angler to enjoy this trip. No, not at all. Many times I’ve had a customer call and tell me that he/she is going just because his/her friend is going and needed a fishing partner, that he/she doesn’t really like to fish but is going out of friendship. Then that person ends up loving the whole adventure and returns year after year. Then I’ve had people call in to book saying “This is a Bucket List trip” and only planning to experience it one time, but ends up going year after year. Yes, there is A LOT more to this trip than just fishing, but the fishing alone justifies making the trip because there’s not a more fun fish to do battle with. When you throw in all the Amazon Rain Forest has to offer, it just sky rockets this trip to the absolute top of the list of all trips in the outdoors!

Rio Negro fishing in Brazil

Stephanie Hada 20 lb Rio Negro 2016

Our Fall Season begins less than 3 months from now. If you follow my updates, you will remember our reports from last Fall season where we absolutely hammered big peacocks. We have fished this particular area in Sept/Oct for the past 25 years without missing a single Fall season. It’s simply money in the bank! I can tell you that it is better today than it was the first time I fished it 25 years ago when nobody else was operating in the region and we were the very first operation in the area. Half of our team of elite guides that started with us from Day 1, 25 years ago, are still with us today. They know every arroyo, lagoon, tributary, nook and cranny of these two rivers and are the best guides in all of the Amazon Basin for sportfishing/peacock bass fishing.

There is still time to get on board for the Fall season. There aren’t too many openings available as we’re 90% full. However, I added a “special” promo trip in September. I am only going to add a maximum of 6 anglers to this special promo group I have going. They will be there to film the group of 6 anglers and this will be distributed throughout the media and social media world for our promotions. If you would like buy our fishing package to be part of this special promotion, I will offer you 50% discount on a future return trip…or a FULL FREE trip to Mexico for our bass fishing on any of our lakes — 3 or 4 days of fishing in Mexico. If interested, call me SOON. I have already mentioned this special promo trip to a few of our customers in person and over the phone. There’s a lot of interest but it’s one of those first come, first serve deals. CALL TODAY!!!!


That’s right folks…NO MORE BUS!!!! As many of you know, we flew twin turbo charter planes to our fall season rivers for 15+ years. Then the DAC in Manaus shut down that airstrip due to too many animals (cattle, dogs, vultures, etc) on the airstrip due to fences being destroyed. Since there wasn’t another adequate and safe airstrip within 100 miles of these two rivers, we decided to use a chartered party bus to meet the Amazon Otter houseboat and then ride it 5 hours to these two rivers. Well, we have decided to start using float planes for this fall season. Now this doesn’t have anything to do with our Rio Negro season domestic travel as we have ALWAYS used the twin turbo planes to fly to Barcelos and Santa Isabel when fishing the Negro. This strictly has to do with where we fish in September/October — an area far far away from the Negro. So no more 4 hour bus rides, only 1 hour 10 minute flight and you’re there on the main river we fish. This should be great news for all that have endured the bus trips in the past.

Amazon beach BBQ


For many years, we have offered group discounts to our group leaders who put together large groups for peacock bass fishing. Normally we offer 1 free fishing package to the group leader if there are 10 paying in the group, and 2 free fishing packages if they fill the houseboat with the maximum of 16. For the upcoming season only (Fall 2017/Winter 2018), we will offer 1 free fishing package to group leader (or for entire group to divide) if there are 6 paying in the group, and 2 free fishing packages if there are 12 paying in the group. We realize it can be difficult getting a large group together and all agreeing on dates that fit everyone’s personal and work schedules. We want to make it a little easier for our group leaders this season and reward them for taking the time to put larger groups together.


The Amazon Otter on the move

You may have read it here many times, but the Amazon Otter houseboat is one of the more luxurious houseboats for sportfishing in all of the Amazon, if not THE MOST LUXURIOUS! This 5-star floating hotel offers huge spacious rooms (2 per room) with twin size beds instead of the common state rooms with bunk beds. These rooms offer their own private bath/shower with huge showers (and hot water), individual a.c. units so you can control the temps in your own room and freeze yourself out if you desire. The Otter also offers a huge lounge deck up top with an additional 2 socializing areas with bar and Jacuzzi. The Otter also offers a huge air conditioned dining room as well as an entertainment room with satellite television. The Otter was designed and constructed with the sportfisherman in mind in that it was built with a flatter hull that requires only 4 feet of draft. This is important when the water level in the Amazon becomes very low and sandbars begin to appear. The Otter will be able to navigate into shallow water areas when other houseboats with deeper drafts are unable to. The water levels in most areas of the Amazon are very unpredictable due to constant fluctuation, especially in the Rio Negro River and tributaries of the Negro. While some other houseboats were mainly built for size or comfort, the Amazon Otter was built for ALL OF THE ABOVE…comfort, size, safety AND FISHING! Remember that when planning your next fishing adventure to the Amazon.

Also part of this magnificent houseboat, the Amazon Otter, is the staff and guides. They are second to none! No other operation has more experienced guides and staff members. Why? Because no other operation for peacock bass fishing in the Amazon has done this as long as us. You will be treated like royalty, and be waited on 24/7. From the food to cleanliness of the boat and rooms, to your clothes being washed daily. This staff is THE BEST! The fishing guides are the key to your fishing success. That is a FACT. No other operation has more experienced guides than the Otter. Alberto, Harold, Joe and Amaral have been with us from the beginning — 25 years! Evangir (“G”) has over 18 years of guiding experience and Gator has 16 years of guiding experience. This is truly an “A-TEAM” of guides!

Cley is the Amazon Otter manager and has been with us for the past 3 years after years of managing various fishing and nature tour operations in the Amazon. Franz, who was my manager on a different houseboat (Amazon Angler) for many years is now co-managing trips as well. Franz and Cley do not believe in having the Otter sit in one place all week but are ready to “pull up stakes” and move at first sign of bad water conditions or poor fishing. They will move the Otter all night and all day if necessary! They put you, our valuable customer, FIRST! They also know the Amazon, it’s culture, the natives and surroundings. They can organize for you a visit with the natives for trade of authentic souvenirs to bring home — souvenirs such as spears, bows, canoe paddles, etc, etc. They will assist you with your every need and desire to help make this an adventure of a lifetime!



Last year we resumed our exploratory trips after years of not conducting any. I plan to do one or more each year in the future. If you do not understand what I mean by “exploratory trips,” well it means we are exploring different water. It may or may not be water we have fished before in our 25 years in the Amazon. It may or may not be water anyone else has fished previously. Some rivers/tributaries that were not good 10 years ago or 15 years ago, may have become very good for fishing recently. On the flip side of that, some rivers/tributaries that WERE GOOD 10 or 15 years ago, may not be good now due to various reasons with pressure from sportfishing operations as well as commercial fishing operations being the primary reasons. I do not completely write off a river/tributary that I have fished without success or proving up the fishing. Last year I fished a tributary of the Amazon that I haven’t fished since September of 2000. The water was extremely high 17 years ago when I had last fished it and there wasn’t a good opportunity to prove the fishing in that watershed. It took me a while but I came back to it last year, and I saw enough there to warrant another “checkout” trip in the immediate future. We will be hosting such exploratory trips every year going forward and I strongly recommend that you consider joining us on one of these type of trips. For me, they are the most fun trips I’ve experienced. We are very selective in who we allow on these trips because we have not proven the fishing. So it requires the “right” person to make such a trip. However, since we probably haven’t been to this particular river or area before, there are a lot of unknowns but those unknowns add excitement and many times turn out to be very fun. Add to that, since we are very selective on who we allow on these type of trips, you can rest assure they’re ALL going to be good folks and fun people to hang out with for 6 days of fishing and exploring. I’ve already started an “Exploratory Trip List” and if you are interested in making one of these trips, call and I’ll add you to the list for future trips. While many of our customers are happy with the current areas we are fishing, we do not want to be complacent and place all of our eggs in one basket. As I stated before, some areas that were great for fishing years ago no longer provide great fishing. Plus, some of you who fish the Amazon every year may simply want to fish and see new water. That is what we are trying to provide when exploring for new water. This is why we have been operating in the Amazon for peacock bass fishing longer than any other operation. It’s why we have been #1 among International Fishing Outfitters south of the border! Come join us…call me today!


Call us today:800-722-0006

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