Bass Fishing El Salto Sure Beats Shivering in Texas!

bass fishing El Salto sure beats shivering in Texas[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed]

I am writing today’s blog sitting in my office looking out the window at a cold, cloudy day. Bill and I just finished insulating a lot of outside pipes. Last night we had a PVC waterline freeze underground at the dog kennel so we had to get one of those electrical heat strips to finally get it thawed out. What is so bad about all this is the fact that it hasn’t got cold yet.

For the past 8 days the TV weathermen have been talking about a big Arctic blast that is going to hit us here in central Texas sometime tonight. They say the high temps won’t get above freezing for the next 4 days. To make things worst for me this morning Debbie handed me the fishing report for the past 2 days of bass fishing at El Salto, Mexico.

The first thing I saw was 80 degrees for a high and 54 for a low. I then looked at the clients’ fishing report and saw a bunch of guys from Arkansas who were catching the devil out of bass. Dax Rofkaha had the big bass yesterday fishing with Armando Sr. It weighed 10.2 lbs. And to top that off, Dax caught it on a topwater — a green pop r in 10 feet of water. Rick Younkin, from Washington, won the numbers contest while fishing with guide Jorge and no boat mate. Rick had 96 bass he caught in 10 to 12 feet using pop rs and football head jigs in green pumpkin colors. Rick also had 3 bass over 8 lbs.

Here I am sitting in central Texas not able to do anything but look out the window and those guys are getting suntans, having a ball catching fish, drinking a few cool ones, and telling big fish stories at supper. Life is just too short for me to get caught up here in all this bad weather.

I would leave tomorrow, but Ron Jr is scheduled to make the next trip to El Salto and when he gets back, then It is my turn. It can’t come too quick for me.

New Camp at El Salto

We now have our new camp at El Salto 75% completed. When finished, it will sleep 16 people. The one original house will be torn down this summer and the new house will be ready for next season. We have built a new big bar out under the Capulin tree at water’s edge complete with satellite TV and all the margaritas and beer you can drink.

New boats

Yes, we have a whole new fleet of American bass boats made by Express boat company in Arkansas. They have steering wheels, livewells, front trollers, and Yamaha outboards. Best fishing boats in all of Mexico!

Mexico Concerns

Last year we lost a lot of business because of all the FOOLISH REPORTS put out by our state department. I was telling everyone that those cautions put out for Mexico only related to the border towns–Juarez and a couple more. The warning made it sound like it was for the whole country of Mexico. It took almost 30 days for our government to correct their warning and publicly state they didn’t mean the warning to be for the whole country of Mexico. However, the damage had been done and many hotels had to close down and a lot of flights were canceled. Things now at the lakes and in Mazatlan are just the same as they have been for the past 40 years: No trouble, just FUN & SUN!


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