Bass Fishing in Mexico is STILL Safe!

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Today we are going to talk about POOR OLE MEXICO. This just has not been Mexico’s best year. First came the travel advisory by the US State department which kept most Americans from travel to the resort areas. Now they have had the swine flu breakout in Mexico City and that is really hurting Mexico’s tourist business. Very understandable. So far we have been fortunate in our area of the lakes and Mazatlan and have not had any reported cases.

If you all remember a couple weeks ago I wrote in this blog how crazy and ridiculous the travel warning was for the whole country of Mexico. Well guess what our State Department in Washington said last week: “WE ARE NOT ADVISING PEOPLE NOT TO GO TO MEXICO,” says Heide Fulton, a State Department spokeswoman. She went on to say the only areas of concern are the cities along the border. That is exactly what I reported to you two weeks ago, but a lot of damage had already been done to the rest of the country. All the resort cities reported a 50% drop in reservations and travel all over the country is down by 50%.

This lack of credible information from the US State Department has dealt a terrible blow to the country of Mexico and it was so uncalled for as the only problem area was Juarez, and a couple other smaller border towns.

Mike Ackerman, a security expert and president of the highly-regarded Ackerman Group, says that tourists can safely travel to Mexico as long as they stay clear of the border cities. Also, the Mexican Tourist Board has launched a new site showing the trouble areas and it also has a video of Americans talking about their recent trips to Mexico. The site is and I advise you all to pull it up and get the correct info on what is happening.

My brother Jere Speed lives in El Paso, across from Juarez and he told me a couple days ago that things were calming down in Juarez since the soldiers arrived. I feel like things will return to normal along the border as time goes by, so don’t fear about travel to Mexico because of the drug wars at the border.


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