Brazil-Mexico March 2014 Update

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If you read our last blog in early January, you already know about our newest fishing operation on Mexico’s newest bass lake…Picachos! It’s located just a short 50 minutes drive northeast of Mazatlan.

Lake Picachos bass fishing in Mexico

Jimmy Smith with 9.5lbs Picachos bass

We’ve already had some groups go fish the lake and ALL have caught tremendous numbers of bass!!! As I stated in our last update, it’s not going to produce a lot of trophy size bass right now, but it does have “some” in it. For example, one of my longtime friends, Jimmy Smith, who guides on Lake Tawakoni in Texas, flew down to Mazatlan in late January to do a quick two-day checkout on the fishing. Jimmy was fishing by himself both days. Saturday, Jimmy boated 93 bass to 5 pounds using spinnerbaits. On Sunday he decided to slow things down a bit and flip/pitch 8″ lizards, jigs, Flukes and Senkos. On that day, Jimmy landed 57 fish but his big fish weighed in at 9 1/2 pounds! Jimmy has fished every bass lake we’ve had operations on MANY times and says he believes Picachos is by far the best lake for numbers of quality size bass! He also believes

Bruch and cover in Great new Mexico Lake Picachos

The vast amount of brush and cover in the lake will provide protection for the bass from commercial fishing and to feed and grow up fast!

Picachos has the potential to be one of the best trophy bass lakes ever due to the vast amount of brush and cover in the lake…which will provide protection for the bass from commercial fishing and to feed and grow up fast! Again, the lake record is already 12 pounds!


El Salto is your Mexico Bass Fishing destination for giant bass

Go get your big trophy bass fix at El Salto and then stop off at Picachos to catch bass till your arms fall off!!!

We are taking reservations NOW for this new bass factory! We will not close this year as we normally do on our other lakes. The fishing is simply THAT GOOD! Also, we’re offering our valuable customers the chance to fish both El Salto and Picachos in the same trip! A four day fishing combo! That’s two days of fishing on each of these great bass lakes! Go get your big trophy bass fix at El Salto and then stop off at Picachos to catch bass till your arms fall off!!!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime!


24 lbs Peacock Bass on the Rio Negro South America Bass fishing trip

24 lbs Peacock Bass

As we wind down our Winter Rio Negro Season in Brazil, I’m already thinking about next season and asking myself “What is in store for our anglers?” First off, this season on the Negro has been a tale of two fishing stories. While our numbers each week have been slightly below the average each year, the size has been WAY ABOVE average for “most” weeks! Most weeks have seen a lot of upper teens and many over 20 pounds boated! Also many giants lost!

As many of you that have fished the Amazon know, the Rio Negro is the most unpredictable watershed in the Amazon for water level. It’s the water level that dictates the fishing…and catching. This is why we have always used a houseboat for accommodations…to always remain mobile! It is imperative that we stay mobile for times when water levels begin to rise or become too high for producing good fishing.

Brazil Peacock bass fishing at its best with comfortable accommodations

Accommodations on the luxurious Amazon Otter houseboat

The Otter houseboat, our anglers’ “home away from home” is one of the nicest houseboats in all of the Amazon! This floating 5-star mothership may cover over 100 miles in a week of fishing. Then other weeks only 50 miles as it just depends upon the water. The Otter offers large spacious air conditioned rooms with two twin beds (no state size rooms or bunk beds), desk, night stand, place to hang clothes and a private bath for each room that has HUGE showers with both cold and hot water! The Otter staff is second to none to include our captain, cook, bartender, boat hands and particularly our elite team of fishing guides. All of our guides have a minimum of 10 years experience and over half of our team of 8 guides have been with us from the beginning…which we started 21 years ago! That’s right, 21 years! No other sportfishing operation in the Amazon for peacock bass has more experience or been doing it longer than us! That should tell you that the Otter operation and its crew must be doing things right!

25.5 lbs Peacock Bass

A giant 25.5 pound peacock!

A lot of our anglers who fished with us this past season have already returned home and re-booked their trips for next season. Therefore our remaining space aboard the Otter is very limited. If you want to get in on the great peacock bass action next season, you should call us SOON! Don’t miss out!!!

CALL TODAY! 1-800-722-0006

Good Fishin’,
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