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El Salto Camp with bar under the Capulin tree[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed]

El Salto
This week I want to give you an update on what is happening at the lakes in Mexico. We have some exciting plans for the future that will be great for our clients. El Salto fishing was very good last season and lots of trophy bass (over 9 lbs) were caught. In fact it just seems that the fishing continues to get better and better year after year.

When the camp was built, I figured the lake would last the same as all the other commercially fished lakes, which would be from 1 to 3 years. Well, the fishing department and the local co-ops have cooperated with our recommendations and have not killed the bass in this unusual lake. Of course, all the operators on Salto pay for the stocking of tilapia each year and pay for an inspection boat and game warden to make sure everyone protects both the bass and tilapia.

Based upon the past year’s good fishing we are adding some new things at our camp. Our plans are sometime during this season we will add a new tackle store stocked with all the red-hot lures. In addition, we plan to add a Jacuzzi in the garden outside the restaurant overlooking the lake. We also plan to have a room for clients who want a massage by a professional from Mazatlan upon request. We also plan to build a huge bar with TV out under the huge Capulin tree at water’s edge. We have had a small bar there for several years but it has been so popular that it’s not big enough now.

The lake level at Salto is 65% at this writing but we are in an El Niño year, which usuall means we will have more rain as the season goes on. El Niño comes about every 5 to 6 years. We have checked the bass fishing all summer long and it has been great so we are very excited to get the camp open next week.

Lake Comedero
The lake level is almost full and this remote mountain lake stays great year after year. We never seem to have an OFF YEAR like many other lakes. Our clients always catch lots of bass and many are of trophy size. Comedero is a huge lake in size and it is never crowded with fishermen. The only reason it doesn’t have as many clients and camps as Salto is that it is a longer ride from the Mazatlan airport.

The only time we ever closed this lake was 15 years ago due to all small fish. After I stocked it with Florida bass, we have been blessed with the best trophy fishing anywhere.

Our competitors tell everyone that it is not safe to fish Comedero and my answer to them is HOG WASH! The truth is Comedero has the best safety record in all of Western Mexico and that includes over 15 other lakes. We have great relations with all the local people and they depend on our business for making money. You can depend on that lake to be GREAT EVERY YEAR. So you have to decide if you want to pass by Salto and ride an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes farther. About 2 years ago, the government started paving the dirt road from Cosala to our camp. Currently it is about 85% completed so this makes the trip even faster.

The conditions and atmosphere in Mexico are very calm and safe except in some of the border areas, but those areas above quieted down a lot since last March. This year will be an outstanding year with great fishing and lots of good times for those visiting our camps.

Don’t miss out on these great trips as you can’t recall the great years in your past.


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