El Salto Fishing Still Perfectly Safe and Better Than Ever!

Fantastic Rates at El Salto[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed]


I have given everyone a break from my blog and have taken some time off for myself which probably made us ALL pretty happy. I made a long trip up to North Dakota to watch my bird dogs point pheasant & prairie chickens.

It was a great break from this terrible Texas heat as I wore a jacket every morning. That’s wonderful country around Minot, ND in the summer but 30 degrees below zero in the winter definitely sends me to Mexico fishing.

We are preparing the El Salto camp for another great year of fishing which will make my 40th year of doing the fishing business in Mexico. It’s been a great 40 years and I am looking forward to this upcoming season with lots of excitement. We have many new programs that we will introduce this coming October. We have a variety of new prices with some being cheaper than any fishing package on any lake in the world. Our plans are to have complimentary massages, Cuban cigars, TV in the new houses, large outdoor bar at water’s edge, free ice cream 24/7, free internet service, satellite phone and our great Express boats.


There have been a lot of violence in a few large cities of Mexico with most of it happening in Juarez, across from El Paso. Most of the problems have occurred along the border with the USA. It all has been drug cartels fighting for territories among themselves.

Our area around the lakes has not changed one bit as it remains as safe as it always has been. We had the biggest number of clients in June & July that we have ever had in 40 years with absolutely no problems.

Both Ron Jr and I will be spending more time in the camps this coming season as the fishing should be better than ever. Hope to see you at the lake!


This past summer we lowered our price, put in some new programs and had the most clients we have had in years. Thank goodness we also had the best big bass fishing we have ever had. The lake was at a low level with the bass congregated in big schools and our clients had fantastic fishing. I believe without a doubt this was the most big bass I have seen come out of El Salto since we opened our camp in 1990.

Gary White’s pure strain Floridas from Van, Texas really came front and center this summer. If we get our normal September rains we should have the best year fishing that we have had in years. Our clients caught fish this summer on almost everything they put in the water. The bass are strong & healthy and in very good condition with a good balance of food and nutrients in the lake.

Our reservations already have more than doubled from a year ago as Americans are realizing that a trip to Lake El Salto in Mexico is as safe as a trip to Lake Fork in Texas and a whole lot more fun. Why not come enjoy the great fishing at Salto and make some lifetime memories.

Great fishing and camp facilities at Lake El Salto

Next blog will be about fishing Mexico’s lakes during the 1970s and all about the hundreds of charter flights to those remote locations. I think you all will enjoy some of the stories.


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