Fat Fish and the (somewhat) Skinny Fisherman

El Salto Fishing Report

This lake just keeps on producing great numbers of large bass. Every single group the past 3 weeks has had some of the best big bass fishing I have seen at this lake in over 5 years. There have been more numbers of 7 to 13 pound bass than I ever remember even in the first years. How many of you have ever caught three 10 lb bass in one day of fishing? Well, that is exactly what Tom Worthy did on June 11, fishing with Armando Sr. They have been using a citrus-color deep-diving crank bait. What happens this time of the year when the lake gets low from the crop irrigation is that the big bass bunch up along the river or on underwater islands.

Our guides have learned through the years just where these hot spots are located and when the fish inhabit these deep water humps it is “lights out.” Fantastic!!!!!

Bob Griggs from Texas just got back with his group yesterday and called this morning to book the whole camp for next June.

Personal Story

Twenty five years ago I was traveling the country running bird dogs in field trials and having a ball. My good friend in Los Mochis, Roberto Balderrama, called me and invited me back into the fishing business once again. After a little arm twisting, I agreed to go back to see him and fish Lake Comedero.

Well, it’s been quite a 25-year ride and I have enjoyed every minute of it and plan to spend more time at the lodges next season. However, I do plan to try and run a few field trials as I just never got to do enough of it 25 years ago.

I bought some nice Tennessee walking horses and raised some good bird dogs and am looking to enjoy this hobby when time permits. I went to a trial in Mexia, Texas back in March right after buying the horses. I was really excited to see a lot of my old friends after 25 years.

I saddled up my fine new horse and went to get mounted and I couldn’t get on the horse. I have ridden horses on and off all my life and never had a problem.

I soon realized I was a lot older and of course had gained a lot of weight. I was so embarrassed to have to get up on a 5 gallon bucket to mount my horse.

On my way back home I decided if I wanted to start back with my favorite hobby (trialing) I had to make some changes in my life. I am now 70 years old and if I don’t do it now I probably never will trial again. I made up my mind to lose some weight and gain some upper body strength so as to pull myself up in the saddle.

This was in the last week of March and I weighed 207 lbs with a pot gut and a tight 40 inches in the waist. Today, the 17th day of June, I weigh 176 lbs and I put on an old pair of 36 inch blue jeans. I had a problem with blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. when I started losing weight. Today I no longer have any problem with any of those illness.

I feel 25 years younger and have endless energy. How did I do it??? I didn’t do any of those diets you see on the TV. I know basically diets as such just don’t work. You lose the weight and then go back to eating normal and you wind up gaining it all back.

Here is what I did…. I picked out the foods I liked the most that didn’t have carbs. One of my favorite meals is fish, so I based my NEW LIFE HABIT on fish. All kinds of fish, but my main staple is ceviche, which I learned to make in Mexico. I just love it and it loves me. I also bought several cans of light Tuna, mixing Mayo and dill pickles with it. I bought several cans of sardines which I love with a little Tabasco. Once a week Virginia & I will grill 4 tilapia fillets on the outdoor grill. I brush them with olive oil and at the end brush on a little butter.

Every Sunday after church we eat fried catfish. Now, this is not too good if you are trying to lose weight… but I refuse to totally cut out all my favorite foods so I cheat one meal a week.

I also love salads if the lettuce is fresh and crispy but for me the biggest problem was the dressings to put on the salad. I couldn’t find any of the store-bought dressings I liked except the ones that were fattening. Therefore I made my own. I mixed a half cup of olive oil, 2 packets of Splenda, 1 tablespoon of garlic power and 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. MAN WHAT A GREAT DRESSING!!!!!!!!!

I hope to goodness I haven’t bored you with this personal story, but maybe some of you may wish to lose some weight and eating fish is a good way to do it.

The recipe for the ceviche is: 6 filets of tilapia from Walmart cut in small 1 inch cubes, 30 limes juiced in an electric juicer, 4 cloves of garlic chopped fine, one red, one yellow, and one orange bell pepper cut into 1 in. cubes, 1/2 cup of cilantro chopped very fine, 1/2 cup of olive oil, 6 green-top onions chopped into small pieces, and 4 firm Roma tomatoes cut into small pieces. Be sure and remove all the insides from the tomatoes as you want everything to be very firm and crisp.

I marinate the fish in the lime juice over night and then add all the other ingredients the next morning. Let it set in the fridge for maybe 4 hours and then get you a big bowl, add a few hits of Tabasco, a few hits of fresh ground black pepper and just pig out. I promise you won’t gain a pound eating ceviche and it’s good.

Some people think you are eating raw fish but it is not raw as the lime juice cooks it very well. It’s not raw even though it is not cooked using fire.


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