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I caught my first bass about 60 years ago and have been fishing for those GREEN TROUT ever since. I have been very fortunate to have travelled all over North and South America in pursuit of some form of bass. Over the past 37 years of outfitting fishing trips to 7 different states in Mexico I have learned a lot about black bass. In fact I am still learning about this wonderful sport fish that we all love to try and catch.

The one question that I have been asked a zillion times is “WHAT IS THE BEST LURE TO USE?” Most fishermen usually wind up fishing with the lure they enjoy using the most. Not necessarily the best lure to catch a bass on that particular day or what the bass will strike the best.

This is almost an impossible question to answer since there are so many variables to consider. Water clarity, water temp, barometric pressure, water levels, time of the day, sunny or cloudy, water oxygen levels, depth of water, etc, etc, etc. As you can see, there are so many things to consider in selecting the best bait and then the best color of the bait.

If you watch fishing shows on TV, the STAR OF THE SHOW is always promoting the lures of the company that funds his show. In fact all the professional tournament anglers are promoting the lures of the companies that sponsor them and pay them to say their lure is the best.

The only way to determine a fisherman’s honest answer to this difficult question is to say, “If you could use only ONE LURE to catch black bass and the only thing you could eat would be what bass this lure caught–your survival on earth depends on this one lure–which lure would you choose?” Now we have a very very serious question and one that should simplify our answer and make it a lot easier to answer.

Based upon my 60 years of experience fishing hundreds of lures and hundreds of lakes all over the world my one lure selection would be a ZOOM WATERMELON LIZARD with a dyed chartreuse tail. I have found that if black bass are going to bite anything at all they will bite this lure no matter the variables. I won’t try to explain why in this FISHING TIP, but rather save that question for another day.

New Fishing Video
We have just finished what I believe to be one of the best black bass videos on fishing Western Mexico that I have ever seen. It is not one of those boring videos with one guy catching one fish after another saying “THIS IS A NICE ONE.” It is a 40 minute video with dozens of clients catching all sizes of bass on all kinds of lures and having a wonderful time. This video is super super entertaining and something you will want to show all your friends. I will promise you that you will watch it over and over. Now for the surprising part. ITS TOTALLY, 100 PERCENT FREE. That’s correct FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You only need to call me or e-mail me and I will send you a copy. Yes, I will pay the postage and you don’t spend a dime. When is the last time you had an offer this good?

My only caution to you is that after you watch this video you definitely will want to go bass fishing somewhere, so get your rod & reels ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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