Spring Fishing

Today, lets talk about fishing in Spring, which is everyone’s favorite time to fish. The fish have been pretty dormant all winter, not eating very much as their metabolism is in hibernation mode. As the water temperature warms in Spring the fish move up into shallows to feed up and to spawn.

All fish are easier to catch during the Spring as they are very active and very hungry. The fish are also in shallow water where they are easier to find. The tip I can pass on to you is first to fish the warmest water you can find back into coves. You are looking for 60-plus degree water in these coves protected from the North wind. Therefore you need to find a cove that runs North & South and fish the coves on the North side of the lake. This will allow the warm south winds to blow into the cove and help warm the water.

Once you are in to the cove then put on a chartreuse 3/8 oz to 1/2 oz spinner bait and turn your troller on and just go down the bank line fishing fairly fast using a medium to fast retrieve. Once you catch a fish then stop and analyze where you are in the cove. You are trying to determine a pattern for the fish. If you are half way back in the cove then you might assume that all similar coves will hold fish starting halfway back.

Once you catch that first fish then slow down and start working your bait slower and covering all visible cover. One of the main reasons I like to spinner bait fish in the spring is that you can throw into heavy cover and not hang up as long as you keep the bait moving. DON’T BACKLASH or you will hang up big time. If you hook a bass in this heavy cover it’s important to keep his head up and the fish moving toward you. This requires your rod to be at least 1 o’clock to straight up and you leaning back with all the pressure you can put on the fish. The larger the fish the more pressure you must put on the fish.

This tactic works all the way from Lake El Salto in Mexico to your favorite lake near your home. The only difference in Comedero and El Salto lakes in Mexico and lakes here is that the water warms sooner in Mexico than here in the USA. That means the spawn is usually 1 month earlier in Mexico than the spawn in the Southern part of the US.

I hope this tip on spring fishing is of some help to you!

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