Lake El Salto, Mexico Summer 2011 Update

Good conditions for fishing El Salto[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed]

Fall Season Just Around the Corner…

Our final group of the 2010-2011 Season wrapped up their fishing last week at Lake El Salto. We are looking forward to the start of our 2011-2012 Season which will begin this October…only 2 months from now. Last fall saw us begin the season with a FULL lake…which is extremely good for the future of the lake and its fishing. We also witnessed one of the best Tilapia hatches this past May that we’ve ever seen on El Salto since its opening 21 yrs ago. This summer, our fishermen were seeing millions of small Tilapia at every place they stopped to fish. Thus the bass are extremely fat and have that “football” shaped look to them.

The summer rains have begun and the lake is on the rise…which is ALWAYS good news! We anticipate good water level when we start up this fall. Call us today so you don’t miss out on what is shaping up to be a tremendous fishing season!

New Direct Flight to Mazatlan From Dallas!

That’s right folks! After years of having to travel to other cities and wait around in airports to make connections, direct flights (non-stop) to Mazatlan from Dallas have returned. Currently American Airlines (American Eagle) is showing fares that average around $450. from Dallas to Mazatlan! This will definitely make this trip easier and much more enjoyable! Call our agent Kevin Martin of Martin Travel to get the best fares on flights to Mazatlan! Kevin can also handle making your last night reservation at the El Cid Resort in Mazatlan as he has the BEST pricing for rooms. Call Kevin at 1-800-627-8468.

Best Lake, Best Camp, Best Boats, Best Service and BEST BUY!

most comfortable fishing campAs you’ve read many times in the past, we believe El Salto to be THE BEST bass lake in the world today. The continued demand proves we’re not alone with this opinion. Also, last year we rebuilt our camp by adding another new house with spacious rooms and bathrooms, individual a.c. units and flat screen televisions in each room of the new houses.

We offer 41 years of experience in the business which couldn’t have happened if we didn’t know how to provide a great service. Our 18’ Express boats are without a doubt the best and safest for fishing this type of lake. Last but not least, we offer the lowest prices of any operator on the lake when you consider years of experience, service, boats, experienced guides and camp location (on the water). Why stay 10 minutes from the lake when you can pay basically the same amount of money to be right at the water’s edge?

Bass fishing camp next to El Salto

No Problems With Drug Violence At El Salto And Its Fishermen!

Do you think it’s more dangerous for Americans to travel to Mexico than most cities in the U.S.? If you answered NO, you would be correct. The FACT is, there are more killings and robberies of Americans right here in my own “backyard” of Dallas, TX each month than that of Mexico in 20+ yrs. The difference is that our media here in the U.S. doesn’t report nor make the local killings their headlines…unless it involves a child (see Caylee Anthony) or a well known public figure. Why the selective reporting? Very simple…it must be newsworthy. It must be something “different”…thus the reporting of violence in a third world country. The media doesn’t view something that happens every day HERE at home to be newsworthy. Also, of all the killings in Mexico that you’ve read about in the papers or heard about on television, how many were reported to be American bass fishermen? Heck, how many were reported to be Americans period? There are always going to be a few “isolated incidents” from time to time…and that goes for anywhere. No matter where you travel, whether it’s within your own city or to Mexico or any other place in the world, there are areas that are safe and areas that are not safe. Saying Mexico is not safe period for Americans is the same as saying Dallas, TX should be avoided no matter what part of Dallas you’re looking to visit or travel to. That’s just WRONG period.

We’ve lasted in this business for 41 successful years without a single death or serious injury to any of our clients. Yes, accidents happen and sometimes you need a little luck. However, you don’t last 41 yrs doing business in Mexico or any other third world country on LUCK alone! You do it by making wise decisions and knowing the safe areas, as well as, the not so safe places. One also needs to know the culture. We would not be promoting Lake El Salto if we believed it was not safe for our clients. PERIOD.

Folks, it’s time to open your eyes and use common sense. Do not let the local media influence you into passing up a great opportunity to experience the wonderful things that places like Mazatlan and Lake El Salto have to offer. Again, we would not be open nor promoting these destinations if we believed it wasn’t safe for our valuable clients.


Bass fishing camp next to El Salto

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