December 2011 Update for Mexico and Brazil Bass Fishing

Good conditions for fishing El Salto[Editor: this article first appeared on www.ronsfishingblog and may only be used by permission of Ron Speed]

“NEWS FLASH!!”—-The Ron Clark group of 10 fishermen, who fished Lake El Salto for 4 days  (Dec. 12-15), ended up landing a grand total of 2726 bass.  Check out our website for fishing reports.

Mexico – Bass Explosion on El Salto!!!

It’s that time, folks! The fishing season on El Salto is off and running! The water level is approximately 50% …which is lower than last year at this time but the high water actually hurt our fishing last fall with all of the decaying of green vegetation. Also, last May/June, we had one of the best Tilapia hatches ever! The condition of the bass is showing it too, as they are in great shape!

Yesterday we received a fishing report from Lupe on a group that left on Sunday. During their first two days, each boat averaged 60 or more fish. On the last day, each boat landed 150+ fish with one boat having a 9.4lbs bass as the largest, the other boat with an 8lbs. The best lures were watermelon colored lizards, Senkos and “Brush Hawgs”…fished in 5’ – 10’ of water. Topwaters were also productive, particularly Pop-R’s in shad color.

Today’s report was just as awesome: Ron Clark group of 10 anglers arrived at the camp Sunday and started fishing Monday. Every single boat had over 100 bass on Monday with the top boat landing 155 bass!

This is by far the best action/numbers we’ve seen in two years! All in 5 – 10 feet of water – shallow water! FUN! FUN! FUN! Now is the time to get down there while it lasts! Salto is one of, if not THE BEST bass lake in the world. However, even great lakes have their “off years.” Last year was considered an off-year for El Salto. Don’t miss out on this opportunity while the fishing is fantastic!!!

El Salto bass fishing is benefitting from this year's great hatch of Tilapia

Brazil – Peacock Bass

The Otter is geared up and ready to roll for the Jan – March Season on the Negro! For those who haven’t been with us in the past year or longer, allow me to inform you of a couple of major upgrades. Some of you have fished on our older boat, the Amazon Clipper. After Gilberto completed construction on the Otter, he brought his staff and guides over to the Otter. Ron Jr. took over the reservations for the Clipper after booking for years to a boat called the Amazon Angler. He and his manager, Franz, had assembled a solid group of fishing guides, very similar to those on the Otter. Last year Ron Jr. and I teamed up and decided to focus just on the Otter. Our partner in Brazil, Carlos, who was working with both Ron Jr. and myself, consolidated everything to the Otter. The best guides from the Clipper joined the best guides on the Otter and formed the VERY BEST guide team in the entire Amazon for sportfishing. As some of you may know, the guide is the key to your fishing success – and overall trip success. We know the majority of our clients place so much emphasis on “the catch” or the fishing. Therefore it’s imperative that we have the very best guides. All of our guides have at least 10 years or more experience. Four of our eight guides have been with us since we started fishing the Amazon in 1993. That’s nearly 19 years! This is important for fishing, no doubt. However, it’s also important from a safety/boating standpoint. We not only have the best FISHING guides in the Amazon but also guides with a lot of experience and a safe boat operating history.

Also, we’ve used Express (formerly AlumaWeld) bass boats for years. Carlos has brought over the Triton all welded bass boats they were using on the Angler and Clipper. Like the Express boats, the Tritons are 17.5’ in length, have two large decks front and back, rod boxes, built-in ice coolers, and are equipped with powerful Motorguide trolling motors.

For those that have yet to experience the Otter or peacock bass fishing in the Amazon, you owe it to yourself to try it at least one time. There’s not a fish that swims that’s more exciting and fun to catch than the amazing peacock bass! We provide all fishing tackle/equipment so you only need to bring a few clothes – few because we also provide laundry service aboard the Otter.

Call us today to book your fishing adventure of a lifetime!

The Otter is geared up and ready to roll for the Jan – March Season of Peacock Bass fishing on the Negro!

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