New CDC Requirement: How RSJA Has You Covered

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Hey folks, we have some VERY EXCITING fishing news to share with you from Mexico! I will be sending an update that shares this exciting news with you in the next few days …or next week.

First, we need to share with you a new IMPORTANT update from the Center for Disease Control that applies to ALL air passengers returning back to the U.S. Please continue reading below.


Recently the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a statement regarding a new policy that will be implemented and effective on January 26, 2021. This new policy requires you to receive a negative Covid Test within 72 hours or within 3 days (or less) of your departure day from Mexico and return home to the U.S. This applies to ALL air passengers entering the United States from abroad or Mexico.

Since receiving this update about the new CDC policy/requirement, we have been busy organizing and preparing to deliver to you the most convenient opportunity to receive the test. Our Plan A is to have a lab technician travel to our lodges to give you the test so that you miss little to no fishing time. We have been told that they will have the test results within 24 hours or less…and possibly that same day. As always, we will have at least one back up plan (and possibly several) in place to insure that you are able to be tested and receive the results of your test BEFORE you are scheduled to fly back to the U.S.

As you should have received by now, a notice from RSJA that strongly encourages you to get tested for Covid BEFORE YOU TRAVEL TO MEXICO and our fishing lodges. The main reason we encourage you to get tested before you travel to Mexico and arrive at our lodges is to reduce the chance of spreading the Covid virus within our lodges and to other guests and our employees. Well, now that the CDC is making it mandatory to receive a negative test before you can re-enter the U.S., our recommendation to get tested BEFORE your trip or before you travel to Mexico can possibly help you avoid “extra time” spent in Mexico. You could be positive but just not have the symptoms. In other words, you could be asymptomatic (or pre-symptomatic) and just not aware that you already have the virus. So please, I once again strongly recommend that you receive a test before your trip to Mexico. Should you receive a positive test before your trip and cannot go, do not worry as you will be issued a FULL CREDIT of money paid in and will be given an opportunity to reschedule for a future date. Even if that future trip date is the next season or year.

Remember, I have preached for all my 34 years in business that we place SAFETY NUMBER ONE! We will always place safety as our #1 priority for our customers as well as our employees. If you follow my blog updates, you would have seen that we are taking every precaution necessary to prevent the contract and spread of this and all viruses within our camp…and that applies also to the vans/drivers that pick you up at the airport and camps. Every day and multiple times during each day, the camp to include all houses, rooms and restaurants are sanitized thoroughly. All staff members at the camps and drivers of the vans are required to wear a mask OR face covering at all times when customers are present. NO EXCEPTIONS. For customers it’s optional for mask wearing but those of you who want to wear the mask, please do so…and those who need a fresh mask daily, we will have available.

We look forward to serving you for your fishing trip of a lifetime and providing you with a high “comfort level” as it applies to your safety.

Thank you for trusting in RSJA and God Bless

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