Ron’s Fishing Tips and Stories: “True Fishermen”

International Adventures This week let’s talk about TRUE FISHERMEN and just what constitutes a true fisherman. I guess there are many ways to describe a fisherman. It could be someone who fishes every day, or once a week, once a month, or maybe even once a year. Is it someone who likes to fish as a hobby but also plays golf, maybe hunts or several other activities? Professional fishing guides would be classified as true fisherman in many people’s minds.

There are many fishermen who fish strictly bass, some fish catfish, while others only fish crappie. In today’s world of fishing there are thousands of tournament bass anglers who love to compete in tournaments. It seems like most of today’s fishermen just fish for one species of fish and try to get good at catching that one species of fish.

However, I have a little different picture of a TRUE FISHERMAN. To me it is a person who just loves to catch fish and they fish for whatever fish is biting. I fit that category to a tee and always have since I was a little boy. I just love to fish a cork for bream or catfish or maybe crappie and watch the cork go under. I don’t care what type fish bites my hook — I just love to catch fish!

Normally I don’t bass fish here in the USA as I have been spoiled in Mexico with those big numbers and big size of easy catch bass. I fish either crappie or catfish as Virginia & I love to eat fish. In fact we eat fried fish once a week, usually after church on Sundays. This spring and summer Ron Jr. and I did some trotlining for yellow cat and we also fished with rod and reel for shallow water channel cat during the spawn. This is great fun and great eating. Every species of fish is a challenge and can be very sporting if you match your equipment to the fish.

If I had a close place to go and catch a stringer of redear bream I would include them in my fishing schedule as they are wonderful table fare. I saw a picture the other day in a lake magazine of a small boy holding a 4 LB redear. Don’t you know he had a ball catching that fish! I hope he got it mounted as he will probably never catch another one that large.

If you are not a TRUE FISHERMAN who enjoys catching lots of different fish then let me recommend that you try it. It will extend your fishing season and you will actually catch more fish in a year because you will always be fishing for the fish that are biting good at that moment.

Good luck with your fishing and wear that lifejacket.

Join us and some other TRUE FISHERMEN for a trip to Mexico or Brazil!

2 comments on “Ron’s Fishing Tips and Stories: “True Fishermen”
  1. Brad Hepp says:

    Ron, I was intrigued by your comment that “Every species of fish is a challenge and can be very sporting if you match your equipment to the fish.” I’m just an occasional fisherman, so I hope you can elaborate on that sometime.

  2. ron speed says:

    Brad, good question. If you are fishing small size fish you need to down size your tackle. For pan fish I use 4 lb line, a small spinning reel, and a very flexible rod. I want to see a crappie bend the rod. If I am fishing artificial lures I use extremely small baits like 1/32oz jigs and a very small roadrunner for bream & crappie.

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