Ron’s Fishing Tips and Stories: Catching Bass in the Summer

International AdventuresThis week let’s talk about summer patterns for bass. Today is the 18th of June and most bass have moved from the shallows and creek channels into deeper water. This is one of my favorite times to fish as the bass school up and when you find them you can usually catch several in one place.

I recommend that you find underwater structures which can be tank dams, old bridges, islands, etc. If there is a creek or river channel close, you may have found the mother lode. Even if there may not be a creek or river it is important that deep water is close.

To find these underwater structures you will need a good topo map of the lake that shows contours and underwater structures. I recommend that you take only your boat while mapping out the summer patterns of a lake. When you have found all the summer structures then you are ready to check these places out. Remember, bass spend most of the time in the summer suspended in deep water, so check your solunar tables for the major and minor feeding times for that day.

The bass will move up on these structures and feed until full, then move back to deep water and suspend. Don’t waste your time on these suspended fish as THEY WILL NOT BITE. You will have to catch them as they move up on structure. It’s a timing thing this time of the year.

The bait I like to use on summer bass is a Carolina rigged lizard with a 2ft leader. Of course you already know my favorite lizard is a zoom in the watermelon color with a dyed chartreuse tail. Really, my favorite lure for this is a Little George in the black & pearl. I love this bait but if there is brush you really have to know how to fish the little George to keep from hanging up. If the island or bridge is deeper than 20 ft then I like the storm swim bait in shad colors. The first 3 times I fished this bait in Lake El Salto in Mexico, I caught a 10lb bass each time in 25 ft of water right on the bottom. Oscar, one of our guides, turned me on to the swimbait and it is great for deep water bass.

Have fun this summer with your fishing and wear that lifejacket.

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