Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing – Jan. 2013 Newsletter

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brazilnl0113cFor the past few years, the water levels in the Rio Negro have been constantly high and generally rising. We don’t mind the high water so much as there’s always a greater chance of water being high in the Negro than low. However, it’s the high AND RISING water that typically causes the fishing to be slow. Well I’m happy to report that through our first three groups in January, the water has been falling. It started off the first week of January on the high side but was stable in the first few days before starting to drop. The second week the water fell a little more and the third week it’s been falling drastically. Of course we all know that this can change at any given time but at least for right now, we’re having near perfect water level conditions! The current group that’s there fishing with the Otter, has already boated over 400 peacock bass in their first 2 ½ days of fishing. This with only 11 anglers as 4 of our group members had to cancel their trip one day prior to arriving. Now who was it that said water levels don’t matter? If you want a chance to get in on the great fishing this season, while the water levels are still good, you need to call us NOW! We have one date/trip available February 16th at a considerable reduced cost due to one group cancelling that had already paid deposit. If you would like further details, you need to call us TODAY!!! DON’T MISS OUT!!!


brazilnl0113aLast year I mentioned in a newsletter that the locations we fish our customers with the Otter are proving to be the most consistent and best fishing. Why? I’ll repeat again…the water levels in these two tributaries of the Amazon are always on the fall during the two months we fish these locations. Reason for this, they do not have very many tributaries or other water sources that influence the water level. These two rivers may be on the high side when we begin in early September (not always) but wherever the water level is when we start, it almost always falls from week to week…never rising. Another reason for this is due to these two rivers being located in a TRUE dry region…nowhere close to any rainy/monsoon season. This past fall our customers that fished these two rivers enjoyed incredible fishing…both with trophy sized peacocks as well as fantastic action on numbers!!! We started fishing this area in 1993 and have never failed to fish it during Sept/Oct since then. Fact is, the fishing there is better now than it was when we began 20 years ago. The main reason for this is due to the rivers being protected…meaning very little pressure! brazilnl0113bTwenty years ago, the average week would produce approximately 350 peacocks for the week, with maybe 1 or 2 over 20lbs and an average of 10 over 15lbs and 30 over 10lbs. Today, the rivers produce an average of 650 fish per week, 8 – 10 over 20lbs, nearly 30 over 15lbs and 60 over 10lbs!!! That’s just the average, Folks! Naturally there are some weeks better, some not quite as good…but those are exceptional numbers when you consider the average size group on the Otter is 12 – 13 anglers per week!!! We strongly recommend that you consider fishing with us on these two rivers next fall or in the future! Yes, we still fish the Negro and have outstanding trips there. Most of our anglers always want to escape Old Man Winter in January and February which is all Rio Negro. However, if you want to sneak off during the early fall time of year, there’s outstanding fishing that awaits you!  While we are the first to tell all of our valuable customers that there are no guarantees in fishing (or hunting), we do believe that this area gives the best chance for experiencing good water levels…which generally translates into GREAT FISHING!!!

brazilnl0113d2Call us today and come experience the tremendous top water explosions, the incredible power and ferocity of the dynamic peacock bass, as well as the mystique of the amazing Amazon Rain Forest!

Good Fishin’,

Ron Speed, Jr


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