Lake El Salto Winter Update 2013

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El Salto Heating Up!!!

El Salto lunkerBack on December 27th, we had a group of eight anglers arrive to fish El Salto for 5 days. This group found the fishing to be just like last season which turned out to be the very best year of fishing on El Salto since the lake opened in 1990. Many of their boats averaged near or over 100 bass per day with outstanding size…both in average size (lots of 3 – 7lbs) and trophy class (over 8lbs)! Then came a major cold front around the 10th of January which drove the bass out of shallow water as well as adversely affecting the bite. This trend carried over for most of January with several back-to-back cold fronts making their way far enough south to slow the fishing on El Salto. It wasn’t until the final week of January that temperatures began to warm up to the normal (for January) near 80’s for daytime highs. J. W. Peterson’s group fishing the last week of January were able to experience the great fishing El Salto normally produces…lots of action with tremendous size! Most of J.W.’s group averaged between 50 – 60 bass per boat, per day but two boats hit over 90 bass two days in a row…one of those boats landed bass of 10.3lbs, 9.9lbs and 9.0lbs in ONE DAY!!! They also landed a good number of bass from 5 – 7lbs!

Moving on to February…first group of the month went in on the 1st for 3 days of fishing. Their first day was all about big fish with bass caught weighing 10.0, 9.15, 9.2, 9.0, 8.8, 8.4, 8.0 and 8.0!!!

El Salto MonsterThe best news is that with the unseasonably cold temperatures that took place in January, there were few bass that spawned during the month. This means the two big spawns will now take place in February and March and maybe some late spawn action in April! Normally the females move in shallow to spawn over or near the full moon. Well it just so happens we have room at the camp the last two weeks of March and over the full moon. That should be an outstanding time for one looking for the best chance at a big ol’ bucketmouth sow bass!!! Also, remember that the fishing co-ops on El Salto agree to remove the nets from the lake every 10 days and leave them out for a total of 5 days each time. That last 5 days of March there should be no nets in the lake. Of course this is going by THEIR word and we do not guarantee there won’t be any nets in the lake during that time but the co-ops have been pretty good about keeping with the schedule of nets in/out of the lake. Personally I don’t see a difference in the fishing, whether the nets are in or out but I do realize that many of our anglers prefer the nets to be out during their stay…mainly to avoid having to fish in and around them.

Last, remember our March Spring Break special we run each year…a Father/Son (or daughter) or Mother/Son (or daughter) special where the fishing package cost is reduced by $300 each from the normal 3-day and 4-day fishing packages.

Best bass boats on El SaltoThe next few months should be outstanding on El Salto as the bass should be shallow, spawning and ready to bite your favorite lure! Don’t miss out on the tremendous action that awaits you on the best bass lake in the world!!!

Book a Trip With us to Salto This Year to Earn Discount Next Season!!!

That’s right Anglers…if you book a fishing trip with us to El Salto for this season (to fish with us from now until July), you will earn a $200 discount on a fishing trip back to El Salto next fall (October – December) 2013! The normal cost for the fall fishing with us on El Salto is already $445 lower than Jan – March. Add another $200. discount to it and you get a $645 reduction from Jan – March (high season price). As many of our anglers will testify, the fishing on El Salto during the fall can be outstanding! Pro Angler Denny Brauer has brought us many groups over the years and during the fall…and enjoyed outstanding fishing! So get in on this year’s great fishing and earn a heavily reduced trip back next Fall!!!

14 lb bass in MexicoFrequent Fisherman Program!!!

My father Ron Speed Sr recently retired. Years ago he started a “Frequent Fisherman” program for his customers’ benefit. I am starting the same program for all of our customers. This will apply to all who buy a fishing trip with us to Brazil and Mexico. If you feel you have an interest in learning more about this great opportunity, please contact our office. 

The fishing is definitely heating up on El Salto and you need to be there NOW!!! Don’t miss out on what appears to be a great fishing season with perfect water level. Call us today to book your bass fishing trip of a lifetime!!!

Good fishin’,
Ron Speed Jr
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