March 2013 El Salto Bass Fishing Update

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Big Bass Numbers are Outstanding! Special Price for El Salto. . . ACT FAST!!!

El Salto Bass Fishing at Full Moon spawnIn our last update we mentioned how we believe the two big spawns this season would be around the full moons in February and March. Well, one BIG spawn down, one to go! Sure enough, February full moon produced some of the biggest bass of the season thus far. . .  particularly in numbers of big bass! That last week of February around full moon, we had a group of 22 anglers fishing. They landed 33 bass of 9lbs and above. . . the largest being 12.4lbs, 2 – 11+lbs, 15 – 10+lbs and the rest 9+lbs. The numbers of 6lbs – 8+lbs were also astonishing! Again, we generally get three months of spawning bass on El Salto with the bigger spawns taking place in Jan and Feb and about 20% (more or less) spawning in March. However, as previously mentioned on our last blog, due to the many cold fronts in January, we didn’t see evidence of that many bass spawning over that full moon. Therefore it is our belief that we could see a much bigger spawn around the March full moon…which is coming up FAST! Since we had a group cancel, we’re able to offer a special price. If you book a four day fishing trip with us to Salto on March 22 (arriving camp that day) then you only pay the 3-days fishing cost. Yes, that’s right, you will receive one fishing day at no extra cost! The official full moon for March is the 27th…those big sow bass should start moving up within 5 days prior. We anticipate the 22nd arrival with fishing beginning on the 23rd to be a very good time. That’s fishing 23rd – 26th. You could also arrive on March 24th or 25th and receive the same special price!

Tony Cox 9.5 lb Bass on El SaltoWhile we all know there’s no guarantee in fishing, all signs point toward the last week to 10 days of March being very good for opportunities to hook up with some big trophy El Salto bass! You MUST call today as this special price notice may fill all remaining openings quickly!

Last, as we stated in our last update, if you book a trip to fish with us at El Salto THIS SEASON (fish between now and July 2013), you will get a $200 discount on any of our fishing packages for next Fall 2013 (Oct, Nov or Dec)!!!

Call us TODAY for a chance to fish with us for one extra day at no cost at El Salto. . . during what could be one of the best times of the season for BIG bass!!!

Good Fishin’,

Ron Speed, Jr.
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