Mexico Fall 2014 Update

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Best bass fishing boats outfitter in Mexico on Lake El Salto and PicachosThat’s right…our new fleet of Xpress Bass boats have arrived and are ready to go! These boats are, in our opinion, THE BEST bass boats in all of Mexico for fly bass lodge operations! Let me tell you a little about them…these boats, like our last fleet of Xpress boats we’ve been using at our El Salto fishing operation, are all welded and 100 gauge aluminum. These boats are made to take on rough water, which as many of you know, those afternoon Pacific winds can create some pretty rough waves at times. These boats absorb the pounding instead of the passenger. Lake Picachos Lodge on the waterfront with XPress bass boatsThese Xpress boats are 17.5′ in length and provide two huge fishing decks for two anglers. Our new boats are equipped with Yamaha 60 HP/4-stroke outboard engines. The best on the market! They purr like kittens! Each boat is also equipped with Lowrance sonars…one on the driver console that has down-scan imaging as well as one on the front deck for keeping up with the depth of water you’re fishing. Also, we decided to go with Minn Kota trolling motors this time…the best model of troller they make…the 70 Pro with 24 volt operating system. Xpress knows how to make a first class boat and they are THE BEST when it comes to building all welded aluminum fishing boats! We absolutely love our Xpress boats we’ve been running on El Salto the past 6 years and it only made sense to stay with THE BEST! Our customers that have already fished out of these boats in Oct/Nov, have been raving about them. We’re kinda proud of them as well.

New Xpress bass boats on Lake Picachos in MexicoWe already offered the largest and nicest lodge on Picachos, with the very best food, service, guides and boats. Now the boats just got nicer! Call us today to reserve your chance to come experience all the great things Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures has to offer you at Mexico’s newest and hottest bass lake…PICACHOS!


Lake El Salto monsterLet’s talk Lake El Salto first…The monsoon season this past summer brought tons of rain to both El Salto and Lake Picachos! So much that the water was running over the dam by September. In years past when the lake filled full of water before October, it generally was a very, very good fishing season. I believe this fishing season will be no different. First we need the water temperature in the shallows to cool down so more bass, particularly the bigger bass, will move from deep to shallow water. This “normally” happens in late November/early December when the nights begin to cool down. This year it is needed even more because of the numerous hurricanes and tropical storms that have invaded the west coast of Mexico and dumped a lot of warm to hot water in the lakes. It has indeed been a very active hurricane season (Sept – Nov) in western Mexico but I believe we “should” be out of the woods as of this writing. Our groups that have fished El Salto thus far have reported better size than last season and fantastic topwater fishing at times! The only thing that is somewhat down from last season are the overall numbers…but that again is mainly due to the numerous hurricanes/tropical storms that have hit the lake recently and the surface temperature being very warm. The nights are already starting to cool down and by the end of this month and early December, we should see the numbers pick up! The size is already outstanding with a lot of bass over 8 pounds already and enough 10 pound+ bass to makes us believe this is going to be one of those “Magical Years”…we’ve seen this before in past years when the lake filled. We’re VERY excited! You should be as well! Come experience it with us. Lupe is already in mid-season form with his singing. So I guess he’s excited too.

Lake Picachos Jimmy Houston monster bassLake Picachos…I think we’ve used every adjective in the English language to describe this lake in past updates, yet we’re still searching for more. What more can I tell you about this lake that I haven’t already? Well, let’s revisit…Picachos is Mexico’s newest bass factory. It is located only 45 – 50 minutes out of Mazatlan. The easiest accessible lake we’ve ever operated on in Mexico! The lake, while producing a ton of bass (some boats have landed over 200 bass in a day) in the 2 – 4 pound class, has already produced a lake record of 12 pounds, 4 ounces…and two bass of 12 pounds that we for certain know of and weighed. In my July/Summer Update, I mentioned Jimmy Houston landing two giant hawgs of 11 and 12 pounds…both captured on film so you will have the opportunity to watch these Picachos battles. Of all the “new” lakes I have fished in Mexico the past 40 years to include Guerrero, Comedero, El Salto and Huites, this lake, Picachos, has more big bass in excess of 7 pounds than all those others when they were new and first opened. Yes, we landed bass in excess of 10 pounds at El Salto when it first opened in 1990, but it was more feast or famine in those early years…not many 4 – 8 pounders. Of course over the years it has balanced out and now is a tremendous trophy bass lake that also produced numerous middle size fish…but not when it was new…not like Picachos! Yes, I do believe the majority of the bass one will catch at Picachos this first full season will be in the 2 – 4 pound category, because there are so many of that size in the lake…many more of that size than all other sizes. That said, make no mistake about it, this past year we proved that there is a good population of much bigger bass in the lake. As they say, “timing is everything”…and it will apply to Picachos this season for sure. Still, just to make sure we provide our customers with every opportunity to get the best of both worlds during your fishing trip of a lifetime, we’re offering “COMBO” packages for both El Salto and Picachos. This will allow our customers to fish both lakes during the same trip as the two lakes are only 1 hour, 40 minutes apart.

We were the first operation on the lake and have been training these new guides since last January. As many of you who have fished new lakes in Mexico in past years know, guides get better with “time on the water”…there really are no shortcuts to this fact. We are still training more and more guides but ALL have already learned BOATING SAFETY FIRST as that is TOP PRIORITY with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures…always will be. The fact is, great fishing can overshadow inexperience fish finding skills…but great fishing cannot overshadow boating safety. My father, a pioneer in this business for 43 years, taught me this FACT a long, long time ago. SAFETY FIRST!

Lake Picachos Fishing Lodge comfortable accommodationsI cannot mention the great fishing at Lake Picachos without mentioning our beautiful lodge, food and service. The lodge is located right at the water’s edge with the best view of the main lake. Right now while the water level is high (full), you can walk 30 steps from our restaurant and be inside your new Xpress bass boat! This lodge will accommodate up to 36 people at a time and consists of two different styles of houses for your comfort level. The 10 main houses at the top of the bluff overlooking the lake provide two single bedrooms, shower bath, living room with sofa, kitchen w/mini bar refrigerators and HUGE porches with large comfortable rocking chairs! The second series of houses are located just below Modern accommodations at Lake Picachos fishing lodgethe 10 main houses up top and they are designed more for the “couples” with each house offering two spacious individual yet double bed rooms, shower bath and huge porch with rocking chairs. All rooms in ALL HOUSES offer “freeze you out” air conditioning units. The restaurant, located just below the two groups of houses, is HUGE…and can accommodate up to 75 people for dining! We have a large big screen television in there for your viewing pleasure. The lodge also offers internet/wifi for those who can’t be without contact with home and business during your stay. Also, there is cell signal at the lodge for those who want to call home. You do need to call your cell service provider to have international calling/texting if you do not have it already.

Great food for bass fishermen at Lake Picachos LodgeOur dinner menu is second-to-none and offers the best 1 1/4″ thick ribeye steaks that money can buy! You’ll also experience a seafood feast one night with fresh shrimp prepared 3 different ways as well as Lobster that same night! Then…you can’t go to Mexico without experiencing the best local Mexican cuisine during your stay. Our lunches consists of fresh fried fish fillets, huge Angus burgers and beef franks prepared on the grill. Breakfast offers scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, biscuits, toast and assorted fresh fruits! We promise, you will not leave hungry…and don’t get any ideas that you’re going to lose weight during your stay! It’s just not happening…not on our watch! Last…we offer free laundry service at both of our lodges and therefore no need to bring a lot of clothes. Coming soon (this season), we will also have a mini lure shop for our customers who run short of a particular lure or should the airlines fail to get your tackle bag to Mazatlan. We know this can and does happen to a few unlucky customers each year. Well, no need to sweat over it when you fish with us. We’ve got you covered!

Come experience the two hottest bass lakes in Mexico…if not the world! CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY!!!


Deer-BlindsIt’s hunting season, folks! Many of you know me as just a bass fisherman but make no mistake about it, I have been a lifelong avid hunter as well. I take my deer, dove, spring turkey and quail hunting serious! I am very particular about my deer blinds and feeders. I want to share with you some of the best blinds and feeders on the market…Texas Lookout Tower Blinds! Whether you prefer single man or double blinds, they make all. These blinds and feeders are not cheaply made. My friends over at Texas Lookout go the extra mile and build these to last many many years…using extra heavy duty materials! For more information about their hunting products, contact Tony Warren (owner) at903-257-5548 OR 903-874-1144. You can also visit their website at You can mention my name…or not mention my name. Just make sure you call and inquire TODAY! You’ll be glad you did!


Logic-LuresI have fished for bass for 40+ years. I have fished professionally and been sponsored by some of the best tackle manufactures in the world. I want to introduce you to two lure companies that have caught my attention recently. Both make THE BEST soft plastics for bass that I have ever fished! That’s saying something because I have fished literally hundreds if not thousands of various soft plastics during my life. These two top my list for preferred plastic lures for bass fishing! Whether you’re fishing with us at El Salto or Picachos, or fishing on your local lake at home, these lures will catch bass! Bar none! RageTailI strongly recommend you contact your nearest dealer for both products. In the meantime, you can visit their webpages and take a look at their line of products. Logic Lures: / Contact: 888-944-4539 /[email protected] . For Rage Tail: My good friend Steve “Big O” Parks is the owner/founder of Rage Tail and is a master at making some of the best bass lures on the market. He’s also one of the best anglers in the world!


Good fishin’,
Ron Speed, Jr.

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